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7 Ways to Use Flax Oil as a Beauty Aid ...

By Heather

Most of us know flax seeds and flax oil are great for our health, but we tend to forget about all the beauty benefits of flax oil. Flax oil originated in Greece and has been used for years as a beauty aid. Flax is actually higher in omega 3s than fish, so it's a wonderful anti-inflammatory food. It’s also a rich source of antioxidants and lignans, two especially wonderful properties that make flax a great beauty aid. You can take flax oil internally, but I also suggest a few ways to use flax oil externally that can improve your beauty routine in just days. Try these out and let me know what you think!

1 As a Body Oil

If you have dry, scaly skin, then one of the best ways to use flax oil is as a body oil. Just rub the oil on your skin like you would lotion, concentrating on those “alligator” patches of scaly skin many of us get on our elbows and our knees. Apply it lightly as it can get greasy if you use too much. I find the nutty scent is also especially enjoyable.

2 As a Moisturizer

Though applying oil to your face may sound strange, hear me out. Rub a pea sized amount between the palms of your hands (make sure they’re clean) and then apply your hands to your face, rubbing in the oil from your hands onto your face. This is less heavy than applying it straight onto your face, which may clog pores. Lightly applying flax oil as a moisturizer through the palm method, however, can help treat dry skin, reduce redness, and soothe irritation from acne. It also won’t break you out, as long as you don’t use too much.


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3 To Remove Mascara

If you’re out of your usual eye makeup remover, just use flax oil. Apply a small amount onto closed eyes, rub with a cloth very gently, and in just seconds your mascara will come right off. Flax oil doesn't irritate the eyes and prevents you from having to tug at your lashes since it works so quickly.

4 As a Lip Balm

You can use any oil you like as a natural lip balm, though I find flax oil and coconut oil to work the best. Flax oil especially helps to help reduce dry, cracked lips as a bonus. Try using flax oil as a lip balm next time you want to go more natural in your beauty routine. You'll be surprised how moist your lips stay all day long.

5 To Reduce Redness

Since flax oil is a natural anti-inflammatory aid, it can help reduce redness if you suffer from rosacea or just general irritation. Remember though - less is more so use it very lightly.

6 As a Stress Reliever

Your skin is your largest organ and it absorbs everything you put on it and then carries that into the bloodstream. It is extremely important that you pay attention to what you’re putting on your skin for this reason. Using flax oil as a body oil is a great way to reduce stress because the omega 3s from flax help improve mood. When you apply the oil onto your skin, those omega 3s end up directly into your bloodstream within thirty minutes of being absorbed through your skin. Apply flax oil after an intense workout or just after a hot bath at the end of a long day. You’ll find it works dramatically well in a relatively short amount of time.

7 As an Eye Cream

I like to use about ¼ teaspoon flax oil as a nightly eye cream. It’s very gentle and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals like many wrinkle creams do. Try it before bedtime and see how it works for you. The antioxidants in flax oil can help repair cell damage around the eyes and help soothe irritation.

Though you can use flax oil as a salad dressing oil, I suggest using it as a beauty aid instead and using flax seeds in your diet versus the oil since they contain fiber that flax oil does not. Have you ever used flax oil as a beauty aid?


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