9 Fine Pointers on Beauty Etiquette ...


9 Fine Pointers on Beauty Etiquette ...
9 Fine Pointers on Beauty Etiquette ...

Beauty etiquette or good beauty manners are some of those things that we sort of pick up as we grow up. We might learn some of these decorum rules from our family members or friends but they’re all things that we as ladies should be aware of! Check out this list of pointers on beauty etiquette so you know exactly what to do the next time you run into a beauty related dilemma!

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Nail No-No

When it comes to the rules of decorum, doing any sort of picking, peeling or grooming is frowned upon. We might think filing our nails or picking at a hangnail are harmless and an innocent actions. But they actually leave behind dust from nails or dead skin, both of which are gross for everyone around us. So, if you’re not facing a nail emergency or you’re not in a nail salon getting services done, save it for home.


Lip Love

A common beauty faux-pas that I witness and heck, I’ve been guilty of doing it myself, is reapplying lipstick at the table. I’m not smooth enough to just pull out a tube, swipe it on and move on. I turn it into a big production with my powder compact and inevitably end up checking out the rest of my makeup and touch-up. If you’re more graceful and swift with lipstick than I am, go for it. But the general rule on reapplying makeup is if you can’t do it without a mirror, go to the bathroom.


Mobile Mania

Using your cell phone has its own set of rules but since lots of ladies are attached to their cells, I decided to include it on this list of beauty etiquette tips. It’s perfectly fine to talk and text on your phone but if you’re in a crowded space, like a nail or hair salon, keep talking to a minimum and text instead. I know we’re all busy but long, drawn out personal calls can be bothersome and distracting to others. Quietly text until you leave the establishment and then feel free to let loose!


Scent Surplus

A common beauty faux-pas that we don’t intend to commit is wearing too much of our favorite perfume. I’m sure you’ve been the victim of someone bathing in perfume or cologne and almost passing out. Be considerate of those around you and limit fragrance applications to one or two or dab on the scent on your neck and wrists to ensure fragrance appeal!


Passionate Primper

A beauty etiquette tip that’s not often addressed is how to handle testers at the makeup counter. While we normally don’t try out testers directly on our faces, don’t ever assume the testers are clean! For the sake of your health and that of other shoppers, always try out products on your hand or use a disposable applicator before trying them out. I’ve seen well-meaning ladies use testers before having them disinfected and putting them back like nothing ever happened but it’s not clean or very considerate of others.


Preening While Driving

A huge beauty faux-pas and driving hazard is applying makeup or grooming while driving! Even if you’ve been doing it for years, it can be rude to other drivers and definitely dangerous. Touching up your makeup can wait; please don’t put your life on the line! If you’re running late, wait to do some touching up once your car is stopped.


Makeup Counter Manners

When you’re shopping at a makeup counter, don’t be afraid to speak up! It’s not bad beauty etiquette to ask for help or express your dislike for a certain color that's suggested. It’s also not bad beauty etiquette to complain if you get treated badly either. Makeup artists are generally super sweet and helpful but if you feel like you’ve been done wrong, don’t suffer silently. People have bad days and life happens but you shouldn’t be left feeling mistreated!


Sample Stasher

Some people consider it to be tacky or a beauty faux-pas if you take beauty samples, but that’s exactly what they’re there for! Don’t be afraid to ask for or take a couple of samples of a product you want to try. You might find your next favorite foundation or moisturizer this way! Just don’t get overenthusiastic and take enough for you and for family stocking stuffers!


Lend a Hand

Don’t forget the important beauty etiquette tip of looking out for your fellow woman! If you spot a woman with lipstick on her teeth or some other beauty blunder in progress, let her know. Keeping this info to yourself doesn’t save anyone embarrassment! Quickly let the victim know what’s up and feel good that you did a good deed!

Have you ever been caught in any of these beauty etiquette situations? Depending on where you live, some of these situations might not be a big deal but being kind and considerate is always in style, no matter where you are! Do you have any beauty etiquette tips you’d like to share?

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