7 Quick Beauty Treatments You Can do on Your Lunch Break ...


7 Quick Beauty Treatments You Can do on Your Lunch Break ...
7 Quick Beauty Treatments You Can do on Your Lunch Break ...

If you often find yourself pressed for time to primp, try out some of these quick beauty treatments on for size! You can easily do these super-fast beauty treatments on your lunch break or anytime you have a few moments to spare. Beauty treatments don’t have to be complicated or time-consuming to be good, check these 7 quick beauty treatments to get gorgeous fast!

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Mini Mani

One of the quick beauty treatments that we can do on our break is to give our hands a mini manicure. You don’t have to go all out and tote your nail polish collection either. You can apply nail and cuticle oil or cuticle remover, do a quick trim and file and your nails will be looking clean and manicured. You can take it a step further and step outside to paint your nails and layer a quick-dry top coat if you’re going out after work!



An on-the-go beauty treatment for your hair that you can do on your way out or while you’re at work is to use a leave-in conditioner. Not a hair mask or anything where you hair needs to be wet, just a few spritzes of leave-in hair conditioner can help you out if you had a rushed morning and didn’t get to condition your hair.



One of the easiest quick beauty treatments you can do is to exfoliate and moisturize your lips. If you don’t already have a lip exfoliator, make one in a pinch by mixing water and a packet of sugar from the break room and gently scrubbing your lips. Exfoliating your lips makes your lipstick go on much smoother and makes lips softer and improves the texture of lips! Don’t forget to apply lip balm after you scrub!



Treat your eyes to a relaxing and refreshing beauty treatment by using a cool gel eye mask or applying some ice (in a plastic baggie) around your eye area. Obviously this can take a little planning ahead of time, but on those days where you had a late night or rushed morning, you’ll appreciate this super quick and easy treatment that’ll have you looking more alert in a flash!



Refresh your face and mind in the mid-day by doing some deep breathing and misting your face with a stimulating mist for your face. According to Decleor’s Director of Education Caroline Rushworth, bending down and reaching for your toes while you take some deep breaths can help stimulate blood flow to your brain. Deep breathing and spraying the mist will really perk up your senses and get you through the dreaded afternoon slump!



Quick beauty treatments, just like the above, can also be a stress-relieving. Beauty treatments aren’t just about what do on the outside, but how we feel on the inside as well. Give yourself a quick massage with lotion, essential oils or just your hands to help relieve a headache or any tension you’re carrying around. Chances are if you feel tense, you look tense, too, so why not work out some of those kinks?!



If you have some privacy, you can kick off your shoes and apply some lotion and pull on some cotton socks to soften dry feet. You can also do the same for your hands and give them a quick moisturizing treatment with lotion and cotton gloves. This will come in really handy if you’re going out after work and you want to fix those dry hands and heels!

Quick beauty treatments can help turn your lunch hour into some much needed pampering time! Try these on-the-go beauty tips whenever you need some extra time to prepare for the night ahead or just need a break to decompress during a busy day. Do you every do any beauty treatments at work?

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