10 Beauty Tools and Accessories We All Need ...


10 Beauty Tools and Accessories We All Need ...
10 Beauty Tools and Accessories We All Need ...

Every woman should have certain beauty tools and accessories in her beauty arsenal. While there may be some variation depending on how you do your makeup, there are some tried and true must-haves that are helpful to have! Let’s discuss some of the best beauty tools and accessories out there that we can all benefit from!

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Blending Brush

Blending Brush I think you’ll find that many of these beauty tools and accessories might be items you already own but they’re still important to mention. Let’s start off with the blending brush. Although we can apply eye shadow with our fingers or any old brush, these days we have tons of choices in the types of brushes we can use. The blending brush is of utmost important since you want to avoid having any harsh lines and achieve a sultry smoky eye.



Tweezers Tweezers are a must-have beauty tool because you never know when you need to do a little grooming and plucking, whether you’re home or out and about. You can also use tweezers to help set your false lashes on your lash line and, of course, keep stray, unwanted hairs away.


Eyelash Curler

Eyelash Curler After a long night, having an eyelash curler makes the difference between appearing bright-eyed and awake or dog tired. Curling your lashes also helps open up your eyes and really makes them pop. You can try the traditional metal clamp curler or try a heated eye lash curler. Both types can help create a more dramatic look and the heated curler can help hold the curl longer.


Beauty Sponge

Beauty Sponge I know what you’re thinking, who uses makeup sponges anymore, right? Well, I felt the same way until I tried the Beauty Blender. OMG, talk about a smooth finish and even application! The teardrop shape of the sponge also makes it easy to really get into the nooks and crannies and get uniform coverage. If you’ve never tried a Beauty Blender or one of its replicas, you’re missing out!


Cotton Swabs

Cotton Swabs Cotton swabs are a beauty tool that I cannot live without! Whether you use them to correct mistakes or clean up accidents with eye makeup, to apply skin care products you don’t want to contaminate or to clean up nail polish that’s gone astray, they're necessary. I’m sure you can think of plenty of other beauty uses for cotton swabs, too!


Foundation Brush

Foundation Brush For the ladies who aren’t hip to the sponge application technique, a good foundation brush is a necessity! Whether you favor the stippling brush, flat top foundation brush or one of the plethora of other foundation brushes, it’s a good way to get even coverage and achieve a soft, smooth look. Using a brush also helps save makeup because you won’t use as much as if you used your fingers to apply.


Brow Comb

Brow Comb Having a set of occasionally unruly brows makes this next beauty tool a staple in my makeup bag. The brow comb is so convenient to tame and brush your eyebrows and the comb is great to comb out any clumps in your mascara or to comb your brows into place. I also like using the brow brush after I apply brow powder to even out the application.


Crystal Nail File

Crystal Nail File I think of the crystal nail file as more of a beauty accessory than a tool because it's so much prettier to look at than a regular old emery board. Other benefits of using a crystal file is that they last longer, can be used on natural and artificial nails, don’t flake or split nails like emery boards can and the crystal isn’t porous so it’s a much more hygienic product.


Bobby Pins

Bobby Pins Bobby pins are a beauty accessory that’s been around for ages and are still very useful to this day. They're great whether you want to pin back your bangs or a braid, keep stray hairs tucked in or help keep updos in place. You can also use bobby pins to create nail art designs or to secure hair accessories.


Blush/Bronzer Brush

Blush/Bronzer Brush Some ladies might prefer to use separate brushes for their bronzer and blush, but I like to keep it simple and use a contoured blush and bronzer brush in one. This brush is essential for applying color, blending and contouring. It’s hard to use your fingers to apply powder blush and contouring with bronzer can be tricky with certain brush shapes.

What do you think of these 10 beauty tools and accessories? I know there are plenty more that should’ve made the list but I wanted to list a little bit of everything. What are your must-have beauty tools and accessories?

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for anything*

Sharpener for sure! And I know it's not a tool but we all need make up whips and moisturizer !

Cool. Prefer to wear fake eyelashes thou! :)

Where do I get the beauty blender at? I'd love to try it!

Can someone tell me a good brand for a foundation & bronzer countoring brush

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