7 Must Have Beauty Products for a Natural Look ...

Let’s face it, nobody likes to look like they’re caked in makeup, which is why we all love products for a natural look. Nude lippie, rosy blush and subtle eye makeup create a fresh, pretty ‘no-makeup’ look that makes you feel beautiful, and nobody will even realize you’re wearing makeup at all! Here are a few of my must have beauty products for a natural look – you’re going to love them.

1. Max Factor Second Skin Foundation

Many of us don’t like to wear foundation when we’re going for a natural look, yet if you’re anything like me and don’t have flawless skin (I tend to flush easily), then a light foundation is a must. I just dot this on where it’s needed, using a tiny bit of product, and then blend really well using a foundation brush. It evens out skin tone and just makes you look fresher and brighter – it’s one of my essential products for a natural look, even if I decide not to wear any other makeup that day!

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