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7 Must-have Beauty Products No Woman Should Be without ...

By Bridget

Whether your consider yourself "au naturel" or you put on a full face of makeup before you go get the mail, there are some must-have beauty products that every woman - the natural mama and the divine diva - should have in their makeup bags. We all want to feel our best, and looking our best helps us feel our best. These must-have beauty products will certainly have you looking and feeling your best.

1 Foundation

FoundationWhile you may not feel like you need it, or you may be under the assumption that it feels heavy and makes you look caked-up, believe it or not, foundation is one of the must-have beauty products that all women need. Even women with the most perfect skin tone can use a little sprucing up and evening out. A lightweight foundation will even out your skin tone, help to blend in those dark spots and will serve as the perfect "canvas" for the rest of the makeup you wear. Heck, even if you don't wear any other makeup, foundation should still be a part of your routine.

2 Moisturizer

MoisturizerIf you want to keep your skin looking young and fresh, make sure you have a great moisturizer on hand. A water-based moisturizer that contains an SPF is ideal. Look for something that works with the type of skin you have: oily, dry, mixed. Put it on after you wash your face, before you apply any makeup, and you'll keep your skin looking young and radiant.

3 Face Wash

Face WashSure, you can clean your face with a bar of soap and some water, but the detergents and other components of traditional bar soap can actually negatively impact your face. It can dry it out, leave film behind and not clean off all the dirt and grime. Use a face wash that is specially formulated for your skin type and use it morning and night.

4 Oil Blotter

Oil BlotterWe all get a little oily throughout the day; even if you have super dry skin, it does get oily. Freshen up throughout the day with oil blotting paper. Keep a pack in your bag, pull out a sheet when you feel you need it and blot away that oil.

5 Powder

PowderOil blotting paper is a great way to remove that sheen you acquire throughout the day, and a powder will help to keep it away. After you blot away that oil, brush on some face powder to even out your skin and keep it looking matte and non-oily.

6 Lip Gloss

Lip GlossYou don't have to wear lip liner and a full lip of dark red color to look sexy (though you certainly can, if you want to). A little lip gloss goes a long way, and it will certainly give you a fresh, girlish look. Try one that has a hint of color and you'll give your lips a supple look.

7 Blush

BlushGet a sun-kissed look with a little blush. A light color spread onto the apples of your cheeks and along your nose will make you look like you get just the right amount of sun.

These seven beauty products are certainly a must-have for every woman's makeup bag. With just these products, you can give yourself that extra little zip to go from looking and feeling ho-hum to looking and feeling your best. Which of these products are your favorites?

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