10 Best Beauty Apps ...


10 Best Beauty Apps ...
10 Best Beauty Apps ...

Interested in learning about some of the best beauty apps on your smartphone? If you’re like me and like to browse through your apps while you need to kill some time or need to do some important beauty research, you need to download these apps, like yesterday! These best beauty apps can help you find your perfect beauty product or offer you valuable beauty advice all on the go!

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I’m sure you’re not surprised to see beauty expert Sephora on this list of best beauty apps! Their handy little beauty app gives you access to their store, weekly store specials, reviews, your account, beauty videos and their Tumblr, which offers step-by-step makeup tutorials on the hottest new trends in makeup! Free on Android, iPhone and iPad.


Make up for Ever Pocket Studio

If you’re a fan of this beauty brand, you’re bound to be a fan of their beauty app, also! MUFE’s Pocket Studio gives you quick access to makeup tutorials by MUFE makeup artists, store locator, wish list, product reviews and offers us help on choosing beauty products and how to fix common makeup and skin care mistakes! Free on Android, iPhone and iPad.


Makeup Alley

I’ve relied on the Makeup Alley community for many years to get honest opinions on beauty products I’m lusting after. Now I have access to hundreds of candid reviews on just about every skin care or beauty product you can imagine. Download it so you can be an informed shopper too! Free on Android, iPhone and iPad.


Daily Glow

If you're looking for a beauty app that's a one-stop shop for all your beauty needs, Daily Glow has got you covered! You can do oodles of fun stuff like take a picture of your hand and try on different nail polishes, get a variety of beauty tips, hair care and styling tips and tons of how-to tutorials on making your own beauty recipes to make scrubs or care for a various beauty and skin concerns! Free on iPhone and iPad.



Be pretty as a pixel with Modiface’s beauty app! This clever app allows you to take a photo of yourself and try on thousands of different shades of lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, blush, foundation and even eye liner! You’ll never have to wonder if a certain hue will match your skin tone or not! Free on Android, iPhone and iPad.


Check Your Cosmetic

If you often lose track of when you bought your beauty products, this next beauty app was made for you! Check Your Cosmetic has over fifty brands of cosmetic companies in their data bank. Once you enter the batch code of your beauty product, you get the production date, shelf life and expiration date! Never use old makeup or skin care products again! Free on Android.


How to do Your Own Cute Nails

Do you love giving yourself manicures and doing nail art? How To Do Your Own Cute Nails gives you quick access to tons of nail tutorials so you can recreate some of your favorite nail looks! Whether you like doing festive, themed nail art or you like doing simple gradient looks, you’re sure to find something that tickles your fancy! Free on Android, iPhone and iPad.



It’s easy to get in a makeup rut, but with Beautylish’s free beauty app, it’s also easy to get tons of beauty inspiration! Check this app to check out cool photos of makeup looks and hairstyles, video tutorials on nails and makeup, access ratings and reviews, and post questions! Free on Android, iPhone and iPad.


InStyle Hairstyle Try-on

Do you like to do as much research as possible before committing to a new hairstyle or color? InStyle’s Hairstyle Try-On allows you to try on your fave celeb hairstyle, find nearby salons and it even auto-detects your face shape after you upload a photo! Get your best hair ever with this free beauty app! Free on iPhone and iPad.



GoodGuide isn’t your typical beauty app. It doesn’t have makeup tutorials or product reviews. What it does offer is the ability to research whether your beauty product (or any product) is safe, socially responsible and green-all by scanning the barcode! This app is super useful for makeup but also great for hair care and household products! Free on Android, iPhone and iPad.

Beauty apps can help you achieve a certain makeup look, research products, get hair and beauty inspiration and access a plethora of beauty information anytime you want! Learning new tips and tricks has never been easier with these hot beauty apps! Do you have a favorite beauty app?

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Makeup Alley doesn't come up on an app search either.

So helpful:)

I think this app should be on the list

I agree can not find perskinality

I loooove MakeupAlley!

I love beauty bible anything from make up tutorials to nail tutorials is great! I was surprise to not see it on the list

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