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8 Amazing Beauty Tips for Teens ...

By Alison

These makeup and beauty tips for teens will help you make the most of your youthful looks. Your skin is often in great condition, and you'll want to keep it that way. So you need to look after it, so that it will stay looking good longer. Your teens are also a good time to have fun experimenting with makeup. Here are my top beauty tips for teens …

1 Cleansing Routine

Cleansing RoutineThe first of my beauty tips for teens is to get into the habit of cleansing regularly. It's important to remove any dirt to keep your skin in good condition, and help prevent outbreaks. Also remove your makeup every night before bed.

2 Start with Sunscreen

Start with SunscreenGet into the habit of using sunscreen early on. It will help protect your skin from damage and avoid wrinkles developing prematurely. Also take care not to expose your skin to too much sun - a tan may be considered a good look, but it's actually a sign of damage. Stick with your natural skin color instead.


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3 Experimenting with Makeup

Experimenting with MakeupWhen you're young you can get away with experimenting with makeup. So get yourself a makeup palette and try out different looks. Don't like the result? Simply scrub it off and start again! If you're unsure about how to apply makeup, check out some of the many online tutorials.

4 Keep It Light

Keep It LightYou don't need to cover young skin with layers of foundation, so keep it light. If you have a problem with blemishes, use an oil-free foundation. Also try using a concealer to cover up. And do remember to use sunscreen! You can use a foundation with SPF included, but don't forget to protect the rest of your body.

5 Confidence

ConfidenceOne of the best beauty tips is to show confidence. You may not feel very self-assured, but you can certainly fake it. Teenage girls often feel (wrongly) that they are unattractive or even ugly. Show the world a confident face, and after a while you will start to believe it yourself. And that will make you look good to others.

6 Experiment

ExperimentYour teens are a great time to experiment with beauty products and makeup. There are lots of cheap ranges to suit a teenage budget. Try different hairstyles as well. Have fun testing out new looks - you might not like everything, but you don't know what suits you until you try!

7 Don't Dye Hard

Don't Dye HardDyeing your hair is popular, but it can be bad for the state of your hair. Try not to color it excessively; it's best to allow the hair a break every now and then. Temporary colors are kinder to the hair. If you do use permanent colors, remember when repeating the same color that you only need to color the roots, and not the whole head.

8 Lifestyle

LifestyleGet plenty of sleep and include lots of healthy food in your diet. Don't restrict what you're eating - you need good nutrition. It's especially important to get plenty of calcium, in order to avoid bone problems later in life. And don't be tempted to take up smoking - it will wreck your looks and harm your health.

Start looking after your skin from an early age, and it will pay off. You'll retain your youthful looks longer if you take care with exposure to the sun. And absolutely do not be tempted to start smoking, no matter how "cool" people make out it is! Enjoy trying beauty products and new makeup. What beauty tips would you offer for teens?

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