9 Embarrassing Things Women do for Beauty ...


9 Embarrassing Things Women do for Beauty ...
9 Embarrassing Things Women do for Beauty ...

Things Women Do for Beauty run the gamut from the sublime to the ridiculous, and some of them are a little embarrassing. By that I don't mean that they're necessarily embarrassing to do (although some of them are!), I mean that there are some things that women do – myself included, trust me – but we don't really want to talk about them. I mean, there are things women do for beauty that we just don't want anyone to talk about – but many of us do them, all the same. That's what this post is about: standing up in solidarity for all those embarrassing, down-low things women do for beauty. Stand up and be proud! Or at least be comforted by the fact that you're not alone!

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Shaving in Other Places

Shaving in Other Places This is one of the things women do for beauty that they don't normally want to talk about … myself included. You shave your legs, sure, and under your arms, and those other all important areas. For some of us, though, there are still under places – like the knuckles on your fingers and the tops of your toes. Some women shave their arms, some shave their eyebrows (not just the unibrows, either!), and still others eschew waxing or depilatory creams and touch up the hair on their face. And that's okay!


Using Vaseline for Everything

Using Vaseline for Everything I don't know about you, but I use Vaseline for more things than I'd ever admit to. It can make your lips and eyelids shine, it cures ashy elbows and calloused feet, it can lend some moisture and shine to your hair if you need it, and it can be used as a shaving aid in delicate places. If, that is, you don't mind completely destroying your razor!


Preparation H for under Eye Circles

Preparation H for under Eye Circles This is actually one of the most well known things women do for beauty, but who really wants to admit to it? It's kind of embarrassing to buy, just because you always suspect the checkout folks are looking at you and wondering whether it's for puffy eyes or, you know, hemorrhoids. But whatever, they don't get paid to ask questions!


Keeping Incredibly Old Makeup

Keeping Incredibly Old Makeup I am so guilty of this, and I know it's bad. I mean, it's unhealthy, it's messy, and it's really embarrassing when someone else sees my year old eye shadow pots or something. Still, I can never find time to clean out my makeup kit, and I'm one of those girls who likes to use sometime until I can't possibly anymore. Except mascara. Do not ever hang onto old mascara!


Making do with Freebies and Samples

Making do with Freebies and Samples I'm guilty of this, too! Give me a sample of perfume, lipstick, concealer, or anything like that, and it gets thrown into the bottomless kit of doom. I'll incorporate it into my makeup look and then make up some story about where I “bought” the stuff when someone compliments it, just so I don't sound like a huge cheapskate!

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Borrowing Clothes from the Boys

Borrowing Clothes from the Boys This is another of the well known things women do for beauty – or comfort, at least. I buy all kinds of boys' clothes. If they have cool shoes for the guys, I'm all over it, size 5 if you please. I have shirts, ties, and boxers because oh man, I love walking around in boxers when it's warm. They're my favorite kind of PJs!


What Expiration Date?

What Expiration Date? If there's an expiration date, either stated or understood, or my makeup, my facial scrub, masks, shampoo, or anything like that, I totally ignore it. I think lots of girls do. Who even thinks to pay attention to that stuff? But ask me and I'll tell you I replace all of it in a timely manner like you're supposed to.


Using Your Teeth as a Cuticle Trimmer

Using Your Teeth as a Cuticle Trimmer I stopped biting my nails after doing it for honestly about 20 years … but I still use my teeth as makeshift manicure tools. Sometimes that hangnail or torn cuticle is so annoying, you just don't have time to find your cuticle trimmer. There are plenty of painful things women do for beauty, but this is one of the most painful, especially when you actually nibble too much. Ouch!


Hiding Dirty Hair in Fun Ways

Hiding Dirty Hair in Fun Ways Every woman has one of those days where she just doesn't feel like washing her hair. I do it, you do it, everyone does it! So you pop on a cute hat, throw your hair up in a purposely messy ponytail or bun, braid it, pin it, throw a scarf over it – something! All so it looks like you just spent a ton of time to look totally glamorous, and really it's just because you actually didn't feel like doing anything to it!

There are lots of things women do for beauty that they don't really want to discuss out in the open. You don't talk about them out in the open, but you do them and you strongly suspect other women do them, too. Just because there are certain things women do for beauty that don't seem conventional doesn't mean you have to be embarrassed by them at all. Don't be afraid of the Vaseline, the Preparation H, or the shaving cream! Are there any other things women do for beauty that you think they don't like to talk about?

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The free samples is the one ik mslost guilty of! But I'm not afraid to admit it. Makeup is kind of expensive so why not get free samples?! I love it!

very realistic...nice blog!! :D

so true..i love your honest writing:)

Yes, that is why we say I will do anything for beauty (almost) :-)

who would actually do any of those things?

What is preparation H?! It sounds like something that I need, my eye bags are getting out of control!

gosh Im guilty of number one. I shave under my chin because I got some crazy hormonal changes going on. Embarassing!

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