8 Great Beauty Products from Fashion Brands ...

Have you noticed all the fabulous beauty products from fashion brands?! Even if we can’t afford the high fashions that these infamous fashion brands are known for, we can certainly try out some of their swanky beauty products! I rounded up eight of the best beauty products from fashion brands that are definitely worth the splurge!

1. Burberry 'Lip Velvet' Long Wear Lipstick

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One of the best things about beauty products from fashion brands is that they have such chic and sleek packaging. Check out this Burberry lipstick for example. For starters, the lipstick comes in a super elegant casing with the classic Burberry tartan. But once you open it up, the lipstick bullet is also etched with the tartan design! Aside from its glam appearance, this lipstick is also long wearing, super pigmented and velvety-smooth as the name implies.,

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