Hate Your Selfies? Here's How to Become 100% More Photogenic ...

Have you noticed that some people always seem to have beautiful selfies? It may be more than just their natural beauty; it’s very likely that they’ve discovered the art of being photogenic. This is actually a skill that can be learned. Once you do, you’ll begin to love your selfies!

1. Wear a Solid Top

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I’ve learned through trial and error that solid tops or dresses generally produce the best results. Some patterns work okay, but others don’t. Patterns can be distracting. You want people looking at your gorgeous face, not the print of the fabric you’re wearing. Choose a solid in a color that’s flattering for you and notice the difference.

2. Get Your Daily 8

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What does drinking water have to do with being photogenic? Actually, a lot! Having well-hydrated skin gives you a glow that no makeup can compare to. Additionally, water helps your skin to be healthier. On the subject of making healthy choices for your skin, keep in mind that eating well matters, too.

3. Pull Your Hair over Both Shoulders to the Front

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Such a simple trick with great impact! Many times we don’t think about it and just let our hair fall where it may in pictures. But if you take 10 seconds to pull it over your shoulders and to the front then you’ll be glad you did. You’ll up the volume and body of your hair instantly. If you look at the selfies you admire from other girls then you’ll probably notice that they use this trick.

4. Skip the Nude Lip

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I know! I’m in love with my nude lipsticks too, but it really isn’t the best choice for selfies. Nude lipstick is absolutely stunning in person, but it doesn’t translate that way in photographs. When I look back at my selfies, the ones where I was wearing bright lips always turn out best. You can do a bit of experimenting with both types of lipstick colors to see this for yourself.

5. Go Heavier on the Liner and Lashes

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It can be a good idea to go a bit heavier on your liner and lashes when you know you’ll be taking selfies. Like all of these tips, it’s totally up to you. Going a bit heavier in these parts of your eye makeup gives your selfies the edge you’re looking for. Even just an extra coat of mascara can make a big difference. Again, take some selfies both ways to observe the difference.

6. Tilt Your Phone Diagonally

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You have so many options with selfies! They don’t have to be the same old boring pose. Tilt your phone diagonally to put yourself in the upper corner. This can be more flattering than a photo that’s perfectly centered. It’s a lot of fun to play with angles and you’ll probably discover you like this new spin on taking selfies. You can also use filters to punch up the quality of your photos.

7. Smile like You’ve Got a Secret

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Put away your cheesy grin, girlies! Instead, follow this tip. Smile like you’ve got a secret and I promise you that your eyes will light up. Most of us have a few happy secrets to think about when we’re taking selfies. Don’t be surprised when you start getting tons of compliments when you use this trick.

These are 7 amazing ways to become more photogenic in your selfies. What are your secrets? I hope you’ll share them!

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