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How to Be Happy with Your Reflection ...

By Holly

For some strange reason, we all love to glance in the mirror, even if we hate the way that we look in it. Of course, it's unhealthy to criticize ourselves for every little "flaw" that we have. We should be focusing on our beauty instead of on our insecurities. Since that's a difficult thing to do, here are a few ways to become happier with your reflection:

1 Remember That the Lighting Plays Tricks on You

Have you ever glanced in a mirror at home and loved your look, but then glanced in a mirror at school and cringed? That's because different mirrors and different lighting can make you appear completely different. If you don't like what you look like, blame the mirror, because it might be portraying a crummy version of you. Don't take it to heart.

2 Stick Inspirational Post-it Notes on Your Mirror

Inspirational quotes can turn our entire lives around. Think about it: Women who wish to lose weight place notes on the fridge to motivate them, so self-conscious women should place notes on the mirror to motivate them, shouldn't they? Find a quote or two that'll remind you of how beautiful you are, inside and out. Then you should stick it to a spot on the mirror that you'll never miss.

3 Wait until You're in a Good Mood to Look at Yourself

When you're in a bad mood, it's easier for you to be negative. That's why you should try to avoid looking into the mirror on your bad days. Wait until you're in a happy, peppy mood to look at your smiling reflection. That way, you should be much happier with the woman you see staring back at you.

4 Buy More Mirrors to See More Angles

A tiny mirror hanging in your bathroom isn't good enough. You should also buy a full length mirror, and a mirror with three sides, so that you can see yourself from all different angles. Even if you don't like the way you look from one side, you're bound to find a side that you find gorgeous.

5 Only Glance at Your Reflection

If you glance in the mirror and think you look pretty, go on with your day with a smile on your face. There's no reason to stand in front of that mirror and stare into it until you find "flaws" to complain about. It's a waste of time to look at your reflection. That's why you should only glance, and never stare.

6 Stand up Straight and Smile

When you look at yourself in the mirror, smile and stand up straight. If you're hunched over and scowling, then you're going to think you look bad. That's why you should always walk over to the mirror with a spring in your step.

7 Believe That You're a Beautiful Woman

Attractive women have more than symmetrical faces and long legs. They also have confidence. That's why you should remember that you're absolutely stunning, even when your reflection is telling you otherwise. The first step to looking beautiful is to feel beautiful.

You're a gorgeous woman, no matter what that pesky mirror tries to tell you. After all, it's just an object. Are you happy with your own reflection, or do you hate looking at yourself in the mirror?

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