24 Gorgeous Dandelion Tattoos All Romantic Girls Will Adore ...

By Eliza

24 Gorgeous Dandelion  Tattoos All Romantic Girls Will Adore  ...

Dandelions come with a wonderful meaning. When you pick one up, it's usually to make a wish, right? That's what makes them such a popular choice for people wanting to get tattoos. If you need something inspiring in your life and want to get some ink, a dandelion is a perfect choice. Here's all the proof you need.

Table of contents:

  1. dandelion wrist tattoo
  2. dandelion floating away
  3. dandelion watercolor side tattoo
  4. across your shoulder
  5. a little bit of color and some birds
  6. big, bold watercolor dandelion
  7. hot air balloon dandelion
  8. cute dandelion on both wrists
  9. with an inspirational tattoo quote
  10. heel dandelion tattoo
  11. musical dandelion fluff
  12. on your foot
  13. behind your ear
  14. small and subtle
  15. epic watercolor dandelion tattoo
  16. covering your belly
  17. every breath is a second chance
  18. white dandelion tattoo
  19. on your hand and foot
  20. sweet and simple
  21. lots of lovely color
  22. all the way up your back
  23. turning into birds
  24. dandelion rib tattoo

1 Dandelion Wrist Tattoo


2 Dandelion Floating Away


3 Dandelion Watercolor Side Tattoo


4 Across Your Shoulder


5 A Little Bit of Color and Some Birds

tattoo,close up,skin,arm,hand,

6 Big, Bold Watercolor Dandelion

tattoo,flower,arm,close up,petal,

7 Hot Air Balloon Dandelion


8 Cute Dandelion on Both Wrists


9 With an Inspirational Tattoo Quote


10 Heel Dandelion Tattoo


11 Musical Dandelion Fluff


12 On Your Foot


13 Behind Your Ear

hair,face,nose,hairstyle,close up,

14 Small and Subtle

hair,face,black hair,hairstyle,photography,

15 Epic Watercolor Dandelion Tattoo


16 Covering Your Belly

tattoo,arm,skin,close up,abdomen,

17 Every Breath is a Second Chance


18 White Dandelion Tattoo


19 On Your Hand and Foot


20 Sweet and Simple


21 Lots of Lovely Color


22 All the Way up Your Back

clothing,tattoo,arm,undergarment,active undergarment,

23 Turning into Birds


24 Dandelion Rib Tattoo

white,black,black and white,woman,monochrome photography, Aren't these beautiful? Which one would you get?

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