Marilyn Monroe Still Inspires with Her Timeless Beauty Advice ...

There are so many nuggets of beauty advice from Marilyn Monroe! She may have died young, but she left her legacy behind. There are loads and loads of her quotes all over the place and most of them show just how smart and fantastic she was. She might not have been the current standard of beauty, which is often a size 0, but I think her curves are lovely and I wish that times hadn’t changed so much. Check out these little bits of beauty advice from Marilyn Monroe and you’ll start seeing beauty in a whole new light.

1. Make Your Face Shine

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According to reports, Marilyn used hormone cream on her face, which created a soft layer of light colored hair. In photographs and on camera, the fuzz caught the light just right and made her look like she was always radiant and glowing. You don’t have to go that far, but one of the pieces of beauty advice from Marilyn Monroe that you’ll love is to make yourself glow. Instead of growing extra hair, try highlighting make-up to create the same effect.

2. Be Imperfect

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One of Marilyn’s most famous quotes involves embracing your differences because they are what make you beautiful. So instead of trying to conform and look like all the other women around you, showcase what makes you special and unique and you’ll be beautiful in a way that no one else is. Thanks, Marilyn!

3. Embrace What You Have

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Marilyn died before she got old, but she once said she wanted to age without facelifts. She would probably be shocked at all the procedures she could have now, but it seems to me that she didn’t want to use surgery or enhancements, but wanted to stay the exact way she already was. So, don’t fall prey to the idea that you have to look 20 when you are 50 – embrace your changes and aging. It’s beautiful.

4. Wear Moisturizer

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Moisturized skin is hydrated skin. That means it will look fresh, healthy and radiant and that’s something we all want, right? So be sure you apply moisturizer all over your body at least once a day. I always carry a tube of lotion in my bag so I can slather it on anytime my skin needs it, whether I’m at home or not.

5. Wear Red Lipstick

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We’ve all seen those fabulous photos of Marilyn with her signature red lips. She could easily pull it off and I think you could too. Not just any red will do, though. Make-up experts say to consider your skin tone and your eye color when choosing a red. Wear true red if you have blue eyes, orange-red if your eyes are light brown or green and a berry shade of red if your eyes are dark brown, suggest the experts at Allure magazine.

6. Beauty Comes in All Sizes

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One of my very favorite Marilyn Monroe quotes is “…you’re the beautiful one. It’s society who is ugly.” She made a point of telling girls that they could be gorgeous at any size, not just the itty bitty ones that tend to get all the looks. So, no matter your pants size, just remember that you look great. After all, Marilyn was a size 14 and no one has ever questioned her beauty.

7. Dress for Your Body Type

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I’m sure there were days when Marilyn wore her ratty old sweats just like the rest of us. However, she always looked her best when she was in the spotlight. She was quoted as saying that a woman’s clothes should “be tight enough to show you’re a woman, but loose enough to show you’re a lady.” That’s great advice!

Don’t you think Marilyn Monroe was one of the most beautiful people of her time? I love how she used her fame to make others feel good even when she was down and depressed. Which one of these tips is your favorite?

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