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If you’re a brunette or have black hair, you probably love finding tips for women with dark hair. After all, tips for blondes are all over the place. I have brown hair and I would never change the overall color of my locks, though I do enhance them. If you don’t want to change the shade of your not blonde hair, check out these awesome tips for women with dark hair, You’ll be so glad you know how to make yourself feel and look fabulous no matter what the day brings.

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Match Your Skin Tone

Match Your Skin Tone In many cases, women with dark hair have darker or medium complexions. So one of the best tips for women with dark hair is to use caution when choosing foundation or powder for your face. Go too light and you risk looking washed out and severe. Make sure your make-up very closely matches your skin tone so it doesn’t look funny against your dark hair. Professionals at make-up counters can help.


Blend in Highlights

Blend in Highlights I’d love to have natural highlights in my brown hair. However, that’s not the case so I have to have them added professionally. When you have this done, make sure the highlight colors blend naturally so that as your roots grow out, it isn’t totally obvious that you have highlights. A good stylist will be able to help you choose just the right shade for your hair color.


Try the Ombre Trend

Try the Ombre Trend It’s all over the place right now, and ombre looks great on darker hair colors. It gives you the chance to lighten things up a little bit without having to change your all over color. This look is a bit harder to achieve than highlights or a complete color change so I’d highly recommend having it done in a salon rather than attempting it yourself. The look should be subtle and there shouldn’t be a totally obvious line where the lighter color is introduced.


Use Black Make-up

Use Black Make-up Not all over, of course. However, many make-up experts say that women with dark hair and dark eyes should opt for black eyeliner and mascara because it enhances the lovely color of both your peepers and your locks. Line your upper lids and wear a couple of coats of mascara every day.


Try Bangs

Try Bangs I love bangs, but there is something dramatic and beautiful about having dark bangs covering your forehead. If you have dark hair and want something stunning and new, consider having blunt cut bangs next time you go to the salon. You’ll love all the compliments you get and how easy it is to change up your look with just a few cuts.


Wear Accessories

Wear Accessories No matter your hair color, bright accessories are a fun way to add personality and pizazz to your style. For dark hair, try dark shades of blue, green, purple and red or go totally girly with bright pink or turquoise. Headbands, silk flowers and hair ties are some easy to wear examples that aren’t too over the top.


Experiment with Red

Experiment with Red I’ve always dreamed of having red hair, but alas, it is a more boring brown. The great news is that red highlights are perfect for darker hair colors. They won’t look as severe as they would on light hair but will give you a unique look everyone will love. Try burgundy in dark brown or black hair.

Do you have any tips to add for women with dark hair? The grass is always greener, but I’m glad I have dark hair because there is a lot that can be done with it that blondes can’t do. Will you try any of these tricks?

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Awesome tips!! And brown is indeed a boring hair colour😔

I love this article and I'd LOVEEEE to see more of this.

A dark thick eyebrow is beautiful as well 😊


I love my hair color it's brown with some blond and light brown highlights it's natural and I love these tips very helpful

My hair is naturally black. I feel like it is a strong color everybody admires but can't all pull off. I find darker hair more beautiful than light hair.


With dark to black hair it is so easy to pull off super dark lipsticks. Especially since it's the colder time of year darks are indeed in. I personally adore urban decay's venom lipstick when I have black hair

Dont blame the hair color for how boring and bland our face is. Brown hair is beautiful you just dont know how to work it. Anyhoo, black hair is awsome. I love how it looks in contrast with my complexion. Im pretty light and black hair suites me so well.

The ombré trend needs to go! I feel like chopping off the bottom half whenever I see it. I totally agree with bangs; I love bangs.

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