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7 Beauty Secrets from Aerosmith's Steven Tyler ...

By Eliza

As women, we look to other women, often celebrities, for beauty advice, but I’m going to share some secrets from Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler. You have to admit that he does have great hair and when he wears make-up, it usually looks pretty good. So I guess we can count on him for tips and tricks that really work. He might not be your first source of inspiration when it comes to beauty, but I think you're going to like what Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler has to say. Check it out!

1 Use Two Blow Dryers

I will freely admit that it never would of have crossed my mind to use two blow dryers if it weren’t for Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler. This is a tip that hails back to the 1980s when big hair was the thing. Tyler claims that by blowing your hair with two dryers at the same time, you get way more body and volume in your locks.

2 Moisturize

According to sources, Steven Tyler is a big of a product junkie. He is reported to slather his entire body in moisturizer. That turns out to be a great habit to get into because moisturizer hydrates your skin and keeps it young, fresh and healthy no matter what life throws your way. The best time to put lotion on is after a shower when your skin is still damp. However, you can apply it many times during the day for even better results.


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3 Mix and Match

According to Tyler’s daughter, Liv, Steven uses a bunch of mixed and matched skincare products. Healthy skin is beautiful skin and if it works for him, it will work for use too. I know how easy it is to get caught in the trap that you have to use every product from a specific line to get the results you want. That simply isn’t true. Make like Steven Tyler and pick and choose the ones that work best for you to create a customized beauty routine you’ll love.

4 Wear What You Want

Steven Tyler is definitely not someone who seems to care what others think about his wardrobe. He wears what he wants and it’s often way over the top. He isn’t afraid of piling on the accessories and often goes for crazy prints. We can learn a lesson from him by choosing the clothes we feel best in and rocking them. Your clothes might not be what other people would choose, but if you feel good, then you probably look good. Thanks, Steven!

5 Try New Things

Being afraid to try something new is probably something that no one can ever accuse Steven Tyler of. He is always sporting crazy hairstyles or funky nail polish. Without ever giving up his masculinity. If you’re like me, trying new hair and make-up trends can be a bit intimidating. I think I’ll take a cue from Tyler and give something new a try. After all, make-up washes off and hair grows out.

6 Have Your Clothes Made

In interviews, Steven Tyler admits to having so many clothes it’s ridiculous. His beauty secret is having them made. According to Tyler, getting exactly what you want sometimes means having to special order it. He even admits to getting made fun of in high school for his fashion choices. Did it stop him? Nope! Now he designs all the clothes that Aerosmith wears on tour. Awesome, right?

7 Make Your Cosmetics Work for You

Most men can’t pull of wearing make-up, but Steven Tyler is one who can. He seems to use it just the right way too because I can’t say I’ve ever seen him with it caked on and looking unnatural. Instead, he makes his choices work by going subtle.

Have you learned anything else from Steven Tyler? Please share!

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