7 Multi Tasking Beauty Buys That Will Make Your Life Easier ...

It makes me cringe and laugh at the same time when I think about how long I used to spend doing my makeup as a teen, especially considering there are some really great multi tasking beauty buys out there that could have prevented this! I’ve streamlined my makeup routine to a flat 7 minutes now, of which I’m profoundly proud, but that wouldn’t have been possible without a few fabulous products that help move things along quicker. Check out my favorite multi tasking beauty buys which can help you knock off a few minutes of your own routine. After all, we are busy women and can use all the spare minutes we can get, right?

1. Multi-faceted Eyeshadow

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One of my favorite multi tasking beauty buys to use is multi faceted eyeshadow. Instead of buying five different colors to use on your eyes, try buying a compact with multiple shades swirled in together, in a multifaceted approach. These are naturally mixed together so that when you put them on, they create the same multi-faceted look on your eyes. For instance, one of my favorites includes swirls of tan, beige, white and brown, which are some of my favorite shades. When applying them on at the same time with a brush, my eyeshadows naturally have a natural, multi-colored shine to them, instead of one solid color.

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