Newest Korean Beauty Products to Give You Perfect Skin ...


Newest Korean Beauty Products to Give You Perfect Skin ...
Newest Korean Beauty Products to Give You Perfect Skin ...

Make up experts have their favorite products are usually happy to share them with us, including these Korean beauty products that will do wonders for your look. As we all know, Korean women are always lovely and flawless and if we could just copy their routine, we too can have a radiant glowing complexion. So if you're asking yourself which Korean beauty products are worth your time and money, you are in the right place. Each item on this list gets rave reviews from the experts, who are absolutely obsessed with every single one of them. With these products in your cosmetics bag, you'll always look and feel your best. In the meantime, we can thank our friends at for sharing these fabulous Korean beauty products that are true miracles!

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Peach Slices Acne Spot Dots

text, product, product, font, brand, "[These acne-treating dots] are every Korean girl's must-have blemish SOS item, so we set out to create this with the best pharmaceutical company to create one that is hygienic and all FDA-compliant," says Alicia Yoon. The tiny patches loaded with hydrocolloid "creates a moist healing environment to help acne heal faster without drying or irritating skin and draws out all the gunk in pores." You just slap one of these tiny, invisible stickers onto any pimples for a "a few hours, overnight or through the day" and apply makeup over it so no one will be the wiser.



Peach Slices Aqua Jelly Lip Mask

pink, product, magenta, product, rectangle, Like decorative sheet masks, lip masks are total Instabait. But whether you're angling for likes or just serious about skincare, you want one that works. While many of them "slip and slide when on so they're not fully delivering all the good stuff into lips, this one really stays put, which means the amazing ingredients—Vitamin C rich yuzu, hydrating coconut for hydration, and nourishing honey—are really being absorbed," says Yoon.



MD's Pick Water Rubber Masks

skin, product, product, product design, skin care, Another Insta stories fave are rubber masks. Lee likes the newest iteration: Rubber Masks, which "create a light, translucent gel that seals in hydration and deeply infuses nutrients." Twenty minutes is all you need to get "a layer of glowing 'face gloss' effect."

$9 each,


British M Annatto Hair Oil

product, product, liquid, skin care, A departure from the usual K-Beauty skin and makeup offerings, this oil is the star product within a natural hair care brand concocted by head stylists at celeb fave Seoul salon Jenny M. "A blend of annatto, organ and pumpkin seed oils help detangle, soften and nourish the hair while also protecting it from the sun, which is especially important for processed and damaged hair," says Cho.



Make P:rem Capsule Sun Gel

product, skin care, product, lotion, health & beauty, "We love this innovative gel-serum sunscreen because it completely disappears into skin without any white cast, making it perfect for all skin types and tones," says Sarah Lee. "One pump goes a long way during the day, and lasts you all summer."



April Skin Magic Stone Gray

font, "This humble bar soap went absolutely viral in Korea," notes Yoon. And that's for good reason. The all-natural, handmade soap "helps clear acne, refines pores and removes even the most stubborn makeup in all of 30 seconds."



Leaders Brightening Recovery Mask

text, product, font, brand, label, Of all the sheet masks on the market, the most effective ones are those made of biocellulose because they "hold more liquid than microfiber and have the unique ability to transfer the moisture when it comes in contact with skin. Cho scoured the market to find the best of the bunch and this one created by a team of dermatologists came out on top.



Klavuu White Pearlsation Revitalizing Pearl Treatment Toner

product, product, skin care, lotion, health & beauty, "Pearl extracts are the hottest ingredients in Korea right now because they not only intensely hydrate the skin, but they have brightening properties as well," reports Cho. "This toner is flying off the shelves in Korea because of its milky consistency, as well as hydrating marine and pearl extracts."



Hanskin Hyaluron Skin Essence

product, skin care, product, lotion, health & beauty, This brand's claim is inventing BB Cream and now they're introducing another hybrid—a toner slash essence. This new category can be worn as an "essence or layered as your toner, essence and moisturizer in one," says Charlotte Cho. "The hyaluronic acid boosts your hydration levels all day and keeps you glowing and dewy."



Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask

product, product, product design, cream, perfume, "This pillow-proof overnight sleeping mask exfoliates and hydrates with fresh watermelon extract," says Lee. "While you're sleeping, AHAs and hyaluronic acid work to leave your skin soothed, smoothed, glow-y, and radiant in the morning."



Glow Recipe Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser

product, product, skin care, cream, lotion, "This cleanser melts makeup while gently foaming up for the perfect cleanse," says Lee. It also multitasks! The formula "leaves skin soft, hydrated, and bouncy, eliminating the need for a toner and the gel can be used as a wash-off mask for a 10 minute burst of hydration."



Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint

cosmetics, product, lipstick, lip gloss, product, "Korean Airlines stewardesses swear by this to give you a vivid, bright pop of color on your lips that will last all day," says Cho. "It's such an iconic and bestselling product that it's rightfully nicknamed the 'Lip tint of Korea.'"



Eco Your Skin Bedside Mask

product, skin care, product, cream, lotion, Packed with salicylic acid that gently exfoliates skin along with soothing lavender and nourishing milk proteins, this sleeping mask "smells amazing and you wake up with brighter, smoother, baby-soft skin," says Yoon.



Blithe Pressed Tundra Chaga Pressed Serum

cream, product, skin care, product, health & beauty, A rumor has been going around that the Korean skincare regimen must include no less than ten steps, but our experts' love of multitaskers, like this one, proves that to be false. So all you skincare slackers can feel better about that. Lee, for one, adores this hybrid, which "condenses a serum into a moisturizer format" thus allowing you to skip a step. Beyond saving you time, the "unique dessert-like texture seamlessly melts into skin to plump and fill it."



Ariul Brilliant Tone up Egg Oil

product, product, liquid, flavor, Egg whites have been used in everything from facial soap to skin-smoothing masks, but the yolk has gone largely ignored. "Now, a biotech company has found a way to extract oils from the egg yolk, which delivers altogether more intensive and comprehensive skin benefits," explains Yoon. This oil does everything from brightening to healing to hydrating to preventing pimples.


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I love Korean products from their beauty hair bands to their dermoplane blades and beauty masks. Love their products so much!

Korea has came up with some really unique and great skin care products.

Sometimes we're not noticing that korean beauty standards are really high, it makes some people there change their fully-appearance. It's scary to me 😔


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