7 Non-Food Beauty Fixes in Your Kitchen ...

By Treva

7 Non-Food Beauty Fixes in Your Kitchen ...

You've probably heard about all the food-related beauty fixes in your kitchen. You can treat your hair like a salad by covering it in mayonnaise, olive oil, lemon juice, and avocados. Or you can slather oatmeal and honey all over your face to make it smell like breakfast. However, your kitchen isn't just full of yummy foods that you can smash up and rub all over your face and hair — there are a lot of non-food items that can help you with your beauty routine. Here's a look at a few of the non-food beauty fixes in your kitchen.

1 Coffee Filter Blotting Papers

Sometimes applying extra powder to shiny spots can leave your face looking really cakey. This is why blotting papers are such a great beauty fix — they soak up the oil without messing up your makeup. However, those flimsy little sheets of filmy paper can cost a pretty penny. So instead of shelling out a lot of money for a small pack of blotting papers, try cutting up a few coffee filters into small sheets. You can then place them inside a coin purse or other small container. This is one of the best beauty fixes in your kitchen since it does double duty — the sheets can also be used to wipe off the lenses of glasses or sunglasses.

2 Toothpick Liquid Eyeliner

If you run out of liquid eyeliner, you can replicate the bold look it gives you with a toothpick and mascara. You probably hate that annoying goopy clump of mascara that always ends up on the tip of the wand just as much as I do, so you'll be happy to hear that there's actually a use for it. Just take the wand out of your mascara and dip the toothpick into some of the goop. You can then use the toothpick and mascara the same way you'd use your liquid eyeliner. Just be careful since the tip of the toothpick is really pointy.

3 Wax Paper and Plastic Wrap for Less Messy Mascara

Speaking of that goop that ends up on the end of your mascara wand, there's an easy way to get rid of it when you don't plan on using it as eyeliner. Dabbing it with a tissue isn't a good idea since tiny particles of the tissue can stick to the wand, but using a small piece of wax paper to wipe it off doesn't leave any residue behind. And now you won't have to worry about that clump of mascara ending up in the corner of your eye (I can't count the number of times I've experienced this makeup frustration). Those tiny flecks of mascara that flake off under my eyes are also another pet peeve of mine, but there's an easy way to get rid of them. Just place a small piece of plastic wrap on the end of your finger and dab them right up.

4 Paper Towel Lip Exfoliator

I used to have a major problem with flaky lips. I tried all sorts of balms and gloopy vitamin E-infused glosses, but nothing seemed to help. In fact, things got so bad that I started to dread applying lipstick (sad, right?). But then I learned of a real lip saver that's real simple: I just rub my lips with a damp paper towel for about ten seconds before I apply my lipstick. The difference it's made is simply amazing.

5 Baking Soda Face Scrub

Baking soda is definitely one of the best beauty products you'll find in your kitchen. It's an iffy addition to this list of non-food products since it can be used in cooking, but most people have found other uses for it, such as keeping their refrigerator smelling fresh. You've probably also heard that you can brush your teeth with it, but did you know that it also makes an amazing (and inexpensive) exfoliating face scrub? All you have to do is mix three parts baking soda with one part water and use the paste to gently scrub your face for about two minutes. Just do this once or twice a week. If the water/baking soda combo feels too harsh, try combining the baking soda with an oil instead (I like to use grape seed oil).

6 Milk of Magnesia Deodorant

You might keep a bottle of milk of magnesia in your kitchen for those days when your digestive system is feeling a bit sluggish, but the creamy liquid doesn't just treat a bloated belly — it can also prevent body odor. Just rub a little milk of magnesia under your armpits and let it dry. Since it's not an antiperspirant, it won't stop you from sweating. However, it will keep you from smelling sweaty all day long, and it's a great alternative for those who are sensitive to the scents found in most deodorants. Just make sure your bottle of milk of magnesia is flavor-free.

7 Cold Spoons for under Eye Puffiness

You've probably heard that hemorrhoid cream can reduce under eye puffiness, but there's a way to combat tired-looking eyes that's not quite as gross. All you have to do is place two spoons inside your freezer for about fifteen minutes. Before you apply your makeup, hold the spoons underneath your eyes for a few minutes to reduce swelling and tighten up skin. I like to hold them underneath my eyes until they don't feel cold anymore. This easy trick is extremely refreshing, and it's the perfect way to wake up in the morning or soothe tired eyes after a long day.

So if you're getting ready to go out and need a quick beauty fix, don't fret—you might find the answer to your problem in a kitchen cabinet. It's also fun to experiment with kitchen products since they're usually much cheaper than beauty products, and I've found that they're often just as effective. So have you ever used something from your kitchen as a beauty fix?

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Sugar mixed with Vaseline makes a good lip exfoliant. And it moisturizes too! :)

Great tips!

You can use napkins from Starbucks or other coffee and food places with similar napkins which are made from the similar material as blotting papers, but it's free!

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