7 of Your Most Frustrating Summer Beauty Woes Solved ...

Solutions to your most vexing summer beauty woes are coming your way, ladies! With every season we face unique beauty issues and the summer is surely no different! If you’re looking for simple ways to solve common summer beauty woes such as melting makeup, fading hair color and more, you’ve got to keep reading below to get the 411 on your summer beauty 911s!

1. Sunburned Skin

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One of the top summer beauty woes has to be getting sunburned! We can be total sticklers with sunscreen and shielding our skin yet still get burned. If you’re not already sunscreen savvy and rubbing your face and body down with a broad spectrum sunscreen thirty minutes before going out, get on it! Prevention is key, but we all know sometimes sunburns just happen. In this case, use an ice compress to help relieve pain and cool down your skin, as well as applying a hydrocortisone cream. If you still can’t get relief with these home remedies, take a trip to the doctor’s office for stronger relief.

2. Frizzy Hair

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Another common beauty woe that presents itself in the summer heat is frizzy hair. Blame it on the humidity, a lack of natural moisture or style overload, but unruly hair is not cute! If you frequently shampoo your hair, try cutting back to a few days a week to help restore your hair’s natural moisture. Also, consider using a t-shirt or microfiber towel to dry hair instead of a terry cloth towel and doing a weekly deep conditioning treatment for added moisture and shine!

3. Mosquito Bites

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Ugh, mosquito bites are one of the most annoying summer beauty problems ever! Not only do they itch like crazy, they can make it hard to confidently rock your favorite tanks, dresses or shorts! Dr. Ruthie Harper of SkinShift Skincare advises against wearing bright colors, as mosquitoes are attracted to bright colors that look like flowers. She also says that those little buggers are attracted to human sweat, so try to stay cool during prime mosquito time (dawn to dusk). Also, try repellents that contain DEET and stay away from standing water.

4. Faded Highlights

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Faded blonde highlights can be one of the most expensive summer beauty problems since we tend to spend a pretty penny getting our dye jobs. But don’t fret, we can take care of fading hair color from the sun or sand by using a clarifying shampoo soon after your day out is over. Clarifying formulas can help rid your strands of the chlorine or salt from the water, which can take a toll on your tresses. You can also opt to coat your tresses with conditioner before you jump in the water so your hair absorbs up less chlorine!

5. Melting Makeup

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Melting makeup is probably a summer beauty woe that many of us have experienced. It’s hard to stay dry and cool when you’re getting in and out of a hot car or constantly walking around in the heat or humidity! Try cutting back on the number of beauty products that you use since more product can equal more oil! Also, try using a gel eyeliner and waterproof mascara to keep eyes beautiful and seal it all in with a setting spray!

6. Bikini Bumps

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Swimsuits are synonymous with summer, but that also means having to deal with the dreaded bikini bumps! No matter what type of swimwear you choose, there are certain areas that will be exposed and require upkeep. Unfortunately, part of that upkeep can result in some undesirable side effects, like ingrown hairs, razor bumps, etc. One way to prevent bikini bumps is to exfoliate the area regularly and use a sharp razor when shaving. Aside from that, check out the drugstore for medicated creams that help treat these pesky bumps!

7. Chafing

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Summer is a great time to take your workout outdoors and enjoy some activities in the sun. While going for a run in the sun or playing in the park can be fun, they can be the perfect settings for chafing. Sweat from the heat or activity, skin rubbing on skin, clothes or shoe parts can cause painful chafing and make exercise rough. Prepare ahead of time by wearing moisture-wicking clothes or workout gear and applying a powder to prevent friction. If you’re already feeling the burn, WebMD suggests using a lubricant like petroleum jelly or an ointment to soothe and protect.

These common beauty woes don’t have to prevent you from enjoying your summer! There are ways to prevent and treat the issues so you can get right back to fun in the sun! Do you have any remedies to any of these summer beauty issues?

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