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These Are the Beauty Rules French Women Always Follow ...

By Alicia

French women fascinate me. They have gorgeous skin, amazing fashion sense and are fabulously confident. How do they accomplish all of that? It turns out that there’re some unspoken beauty rules that French women always follow to be beautiful.

1 Take Wonderful Care of Your Skin

French women value their skin highly and take excellent care of it. They don’t neglect their skincare routine no matter how tired they may be when bedtime comes. They also happily spend money on quality skincare products because they understand it pays off. Your skin is always with you so it’s more important to prioritize than having the latest trendy outfit. 👗

2 Enjoy Everything in Moderation

French women won’t turn down a slice of cake 🍰 but they may ask for a smaller slice. They know how to enjoy everything in moderation. The obesity rate of the United States is ranked as #6 while France comes in way down the line at #31 according to the article I read at Weight isn’t as much of a struggle for the French because they don’t overeat or make poor food choices nearly as badly as Americans. Of course, this’s only speaking in generalities and understanding that there’re exceptions on both sides.


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3 A Great Haircut is Worth the Cost

American women tend to focus on daily hair styling and hair styling products. In contrast, French women focus on getting the best haircut possible. Their philosophy is that a great cut will ensure they have great hair and there’s a lot of wisdom in that. They’ll happily shell out for the cost of a great haircut because they know it helps them look fabulous without a lot of daily time and effort. We can all agree that a talented hairdresser is very valuable!

4 Go for a Daily Walk

Most French women don’t have a workout routine that includes hitting the gym. Instead they get their exercise naturally by walking more than we do. They often walk to get from place to place or just for the pure pleasure of it. They try to get a daily walk in of at least 30 minutes. Over the course of a week that adds up to 3 and a half hours.

5 Respect the Sun

I deeply regret my teen years spent basking in the sun and baking myself in a tanning bed. I have a feeling some of you feel the same way. French women have always had a culture of respecting the sun and it’s power. They don’t spend hours trying to achieve the perfect bronze look. Instead they embrace their natural coloring and protect themselves from the sun by using a high SPF sunscreen.

6 Be Confident in Your Own Unique Beauty

Insecurities don’t run rampant in French women like they do in American women. And I have to say that I love this about the French and think we should all work toward becoming that way. French women know they’re unique and that there’s no one else quite like them on earth. They embrace their own personal beauty. In turn, this makes them confident which is a very sexy trait in a woman!

7 Only Wear the Makeup You Need

The majority of American women love makeup and value it over skincare. The French have an opposite approach. They love skincare and value it over makeup. They realize that if they have beautiful skin then they’ll need much less makeup. They’re very comfortable letting their skin show and only using a few makeup products such as eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. 💄 While we may not love this approach, it’s worth trying on occasion.

These’re 7 beauty rules French women follow. Which of them was inspirational to you? Are you fascinated with French beauty?

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