17 Religious Tattoos to Bring out Your Religious Side ...

By Eliza

17 Religious Tattoos to Bring out Your Religious Side ...

No matter what religion you happen to be, tapping into your spirituality is easier when you have a reminder of what you believe. That's what makes a religious tattoo such a great choice. It allows you to share something you're passionate about and lets you give yourself a simple reminder of your beliefs anytime you need one. Here are some fantastic options that can inspire you.

1 Faith

Source: stfu religious tattoos

2 A Simple Cross

Source: Christianity Tattoo Images & Designs

3 God is My Judge

Source: damber

4 Believe

Source: unique tattoo ideas Tumblr

5 Shoulder Rosary

Source: Christian Religious Tattoos for Women

6 Cross with Flowers

Source: Cross Tattoos for Women –

7 Trinity

Source: 29 Sexy Foot Tattoos For

8 Woman at Peace

Source: 41 Enticing Lotus Flower Tattoos

9 Buddhist Tattoo

Source: 30 Peaceful Buddhist Tattoos CreativeFan

10 Vine Hamsa

Source: 25 Striking Hamsa Tattoo Designs

11 Star of David

Source: My Style

12 Meaningful Bible Verse

Source: 16 Super Cool Christian Tattoos

13 Forgive My Sins

Source: 35 Inspirational Script Tattoos

14 Writing in Hebrew

Source: 30 Spectacular Hebrew Tattoos CreativeFan

15 Christian Fish

Source: faithtattoos.org

16 Jesus Fish

Source: 7 Ideas for Your Next

17 Islamic Crescent and Star

Source: Expressing Oneself Through Body Ink

Which one do you love the most? Where will you get it?

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