17 Religious Tattoos to Bring out Your Religious Side ...


17 Religious Tattoos to Bring out Your Religious Side ...
17 Religious Tattoos to Bring out Your Religious Side ...

No matter what religion you happen to be, tapping into your spirituality is easier when you have a reminder of what you believe. That's what makes a religious tattoo such a great choice. It allows you to share something you're passionate about and lets you give yourself a simple reminder of your beliefs anytime you need one. Here are some fantastic options that can inspire you.

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Faith Source: stfu religious tattoos


A Simple Cross

A Simple Cross Source: Christianity Tattoo Images & Designs


God is My Judge

God is My Judge Source: damber



Believe Source: unique tattoo ideas Tumblr


Shoulder Rosary

Shoulder Rosary Source: Christian Religious Tattoos for Women


Cross with Flowers

Cross with Flowers Source: Cross Tattoos for Women –



Trinity Source: 29 Sexy Foot Tattoos For


Woman at Peace

Woman at Peace Source: 41 Enticing Lotus Flower Tattoos


Buddhist Tattoo

Buddhist Tattoo Source: 30 Peaceful Buddhist Tattoos CreativeFan


Vine Hamsa

Vine Hamsa Source: 25 Striking Hamsa Tattoo Designs


Star of David

Star of David Source: My Style


Meaningful Bible Verse

Meaningful Bible Verse Source: 16 Super Cool Christian Tattoos


Forgive My Sins

Forgive My Sins Source: 35 Inspirational Script Tattoos


Writing in Hebrew

Writing in Hebrew Source: 30 Spectacular Hebrew Tattoos CreativeFan


Christian Fish

Christian Fish Source: faithtattoos.org


Jesus Fish

Jesus Fish Source: 7 Ideas for Your Next


Islamic Crescent and Star

Islamic Crescent and Star Source: Expressing Oneself Through Body Ink

Which one do you love the most? Where will you get it?

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How would she know when she is not a muslim. ? Don't know why crescent is being considered symbol of Islam though there is no such rule been ordered in Quran or sunnah. Just a practice. The other thing is my grand dad had his name tattooed on his arm since child hood and it was a practice in the area where he was born. Just to keep little children safe and known and returned back to their families if get lost. We are Muslims by generations. The point is some times even a follower of some special faith doesn't know his faith completely and even if he does, he might take a decision opposite to the faith. Just a point of view. No offence intended.

Don't get Christian stuff as tattoos if you're Christian when the bible literally says to not get tattoos at all lol don't get a Buddhist tattoo if you're not a Buddhist don't get a Hindu tattoo of ur not Hindu etc etc. religious tattoos make no sense when u actually think about it. just get a necklace or something!

So u need to tat your body to prove how religious what a joke!

Somehow I feel a religious tattoo is bizarre.. In the sense that faith is within.. So to brandish it on your body is strange

Very beautiful with the meanings great blessings

Islamic ?? Are you serious .. Permenant Tatoos are forbidden in Islam

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