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Top 8 Twitter Beauty Tips ...

By Lisa

Twitter isn’t just a good place to catch up your favorite celebs and brands; you can also find some of the best Twitter beauty tips, too! Twitter gives us access to so many beauty experts, makeup artists, celebrities and ladies like us who just have a passion for all things beauty! So the next time you’re looking for beauty advice or inspiration, hop on Twitter for some Twitter beauty tips to get free and super helpful advice!

1 Prevent Exercise Acne

I love learning new things from these Twitter beauty tips and Dr. Neal Schultz with @dermtv taught me to always wash my face before exercising. “When rubbing sweat away, you can rub dirt, oil, and debris into your pores. Before exercise, wash your face, remove any makeup, and use a toner to prevent exercise acne." This is an easy beauty tip to keep our complexion clear!

2 Shape Your Nails

I never thought much about the shape of my nails until I read this next beauty tip from Twitter by @MischoBeauty. "The shape of your nail should mirror the shape of your cuticles. Will ensure the most natural look & complement your hands!" I always shaped my nails according to what was trendy or what I thought looked nice on me, now I know better!


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3 Wake up Your Eyes

@FLIRTItGirl of FLIRT! Cosmetics suggest that the next time you’ve had long night of partying or maybe just little sleep, curl your lashes! "Feeling tired today after the long weekend? Curled lashes make you look instantly more wide-eyed and awake!" What an easy and useful beauty tip to emphasize eyes and look more alert!

4 Long Lasting Liner

Do you have problems with your eye liner staying put? Fashion blogger Chakayla with Classic Raw Beauty @billiemonroe13 has the answer to keeping your eye liner in line. “When doing a winged liner, set it with matte black eye-shadow. I promise you will have a liner that lasts all day :)” This is a simple and easy beauty tip that anyone can benefit from!

5 Fight Jet Lag

Everyone hates the side effects of flying and the next time you’re trying to combat jet lag, follow the advice of international celeb makeup artist Pat McGrath @PatMcGrathReal. “Eat oranges, drink water & tone your face w/ rose water to combat jet lag skin.” Sounds like a pretty tasty and easy recipe to get rid of nasty jet lag!

6 Quick Hair Trick

@garnierUSA of Garnier USA offers us an easy way to spruce up our hair for a holiday party-bobby pins! “Party tip: always have a few sparkly bobby pins in your purse. You can combat any hair disaster with a little sparkle!” This is a great idea in case your hair gets uncooperative or you can use bobby pins to quickly get your hair party ready if you get a last minute invite!

7 Save Your Tan

If you use self-tanner, beauty expert Rebekah George has some sound skin advice for you! “When self-tanning, avoid body lotions with anti-aging ingredients - they can take away your self-tan.” Who would think that anti-aging body lotion would affect spray tans in any way but I’m glad I know now! I want my tan to stay as long as possible!

8 Alleviate Greasy Strands

I hate having to go around with oily hair so I was psyched to see this super easy tip from the Glitter Guide of @GlitterGuide! “Tip of the Day: For a more even and weightless look—spray dry shampoo onto a brush and sweep the brush through the hair.” Spraying your brush will definitely help even out the application so you don’t have to worry about having any white spots in your hair!

There are some pretty helpful beauty tips from Twitter out there and it’s all at our fingertips! I love learning about new beauty tricks and tips and it’s even more exciting to learn from some of the best and the brightest in beauty! Do you follow beauty brands and experts on Twitter? What’s the best Twitter beauty tip you’ve seen?

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