8 Smart Date Night Beauty Tips ...


8 Smart Date Night Beauty Tips ...
8 Smart Date Night Beauty Tips ...

If you’ve got a hot date lined up, you’re definitely going to want to check out these helpful date night beauty tips! I think we all adjust our look according to the occasion and I want to help make sure that you look even better than your usual fabulous self on your next date! So whether your date is a dud or a stud, why not knock your date’s socks off with these smart and easy date night beauty tips?!

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Before we get to the date night beauty tips, let’s begin by planning out what we’re going to wear! While it’s not always possible, try to pick out what you’re going to wear beforehand. You can go and buy something new to wear but you don’t really know how well it’ll fare throughout the night so keep a back-up outfit and shoes ready just in case!



Another important step in getting ready for date night is the oh so important prepping process! Get in the shower or bath to wash up, shave, exfoliate and so on. Even if you showered in the morning, taking a quick shower can refresh you and your skin. Once you’re done, follow up with a fragranced body lotion or oil to seal in all the moisture and keep your skin touchably soft!



If you used a scented body wash in the shower or applied a scented body lotion, you can layer the fragrance with a body spray or perfume to help keep you smelling sexy and sultry all night! If you used unscented products or don’t have “matching” scents, don’t worry! You can simply apply your favorite fragrance like you normally do and you’ll smell just as sweet!



One of the most overlooked tips in date night beauty is groom your nails. Give yourself a quick nail check and see what you’re working with. If you take pretty good care of your nails, you can simply apply cuticle oil to moisturize and enhance the appearance of your nails. Or, you can always take it a step further by adding a pale pink polish or whatever nail color you happen to fancy at the moment!



Another important beauty tip to keep in mind while you’re getting ready is to soften your lips. Hey, you never know if you’ll be engaging in a lip lock with your date later! Plus, there’s nothing wrong with softening and accentuating your luscious lips for yourself. Give your lips a quick scrub or use a damp towel to gently rub your lips to exfoliate them and top off with a lip balm.



Time to get your hair date night ready! You can try doing some romantic waves or curls or you can keep it sleek and chic by wearing it straight. I think we all have certain hairstyles that we like to wear and know look darn good on us! Avoid trying anything too tricky or fancy, you don’t want to spend all your time trying to style your hair or walk out with crunchy or stiff hair.



Here comes the fun part of date night beauty, doing your makeup! The same beauty rule that applied to hair, applies with makeup. Keep makeup looks simple yet pretty. If it’s your thing to do a sexy smoky eye or contour like it’s nobody’s business, go ahead and do it. Just don’t attempt to recreate complex looks that aren’t you. You want your date to see you at your absolute best but also see the true you!



You’re almost ready to go! Now you just need to put on the finishing touches to your look and breathe! Touch-up your makeup and hair, check your bag to make sure you have everything you need and check out your outfit and shoes! No matter how the date goes, make the best out of the situation and feel good about the fact that you look awesome!

Use these date night beauty tips to help guide you while you’re getting primped and primed for your night ahead. Remember that dates are meant to be fun and light- hearted, don’t take things too seriously! Do you have any special date night beauty tips that you want to share?

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