7 Best Beauty Tips for when You're Hungover ...

By Katie

7 Best Beauty Tips for when You're Hungover ...

There are a few must-know beauty tips for wiping that nasty hangover look off of your face and fooling the world into believing you were snug in bed by 9 p.m. Nothing is worse than waking up with cotton mouth and raccoon eyes after having a little (or a lot) too much to drink the night before, only to realize you have work, a lunch, a date or some other important event that you are required to look cute for in (gasp!) an hour! These beauty tips will help you conquer your hangover and step out into the world fresh faced and looking rested.

1 Plan Ahead for a Better Morning

If you are partying hard and know that you need to look presentable the next morning, make sure to put a big glass of water and a multivitamin on your nightstand. When you stumble in, before hitting the sheets down all of the water with the multivitamin and you'll wake up feeling and looking much better than you would normally. If you think of it, or can break away from the bottle for a moment, drink a few glasses of water throughout the night as well. This, one of my favorite beauty tips, will make all the difference in the morning.

2 Quench Those Chapped Lips

Lips are an often forgotten part of a rushed beauty routine, but are just as dried out as the rest of you after a night of shaking your booty. Slather on some Vaseline or medicated lip moisturizer before bed, as soon as you wake up and several more times before you leave the house. To make this beauty tip work even better, use a moisturizer with a tint of color to brighten your face. Avoid lipsticks; they'll just crack and cake when your lips are that dry.

3 The Old Cucumber Trick

There is a reason your mother always told you to place cucumbers on tired eyes - it's an old beauty tip that works! Sleep deprivation and booze are not a pretty combination for rested looking eyes. Chances are, even if you drink a gallon of water the night before you'll still wake up with puffy, dark eyes. Two slices of chilled cucumber laid over your eyes for a few minutes will do wonders to wake up those droopy lids. Plus, it gives you a reason to lie back down and press the snooze button while you wait for the veggie to kick in.

4 Avoid the McMuffin You're Craving

I know, I know, nothing sounds better than a fat, greasy, salty breakfast on a bun the morning after a long night of drinking. Don't give in, not only for your waistline but for your face as well. All of that salt and grease that sounds so good to your hungover taste buds will only exacerbate dry, puffy skin. Instead, grab cantaloupe or other orange fruit and veggies to replenish your Vitamin A. It may not taste as good, but you'll thank me later.

5 Add a Glow

Hangover skin is notoriously dull. A tinted moisturizer or liquid bronzer applied to the apples of the cheeks and the forehead will help transform tired, grey skin into a healthier looking face. Just make sure you don't overcompensate for and end up looking like an oompa-loompa. A little goes a long way with this beauty tip.

6 Neutralize the Redness

The cucumbers may help with puffiness and bags but those bloodshot peepers are a dead giveaway. Your normal beauty routine may include smoking out your eyes with a gray or black liner to add mystery but the morning after it will only highlight the redness in your eyes. Instead, line your lower eyelid and color the inside rim of your eye with a white or neutral shade eyeliner. This will reduce the appearance of redness and make eyes look fresher and brighter.

7 Shower

When all else fails, the number one beauty tip for a hangover is to hop in the shower. Not only will it wash the brewery smell out of your hair, a shower will wake up your senses and make you feel a little more human. A quick rinse followed by a full-body lotion application will make you a new woman!

I hope you won't need these beauty tips for wiping a hang-over off your face, but if you do, it's good that they're all here! Which of these tips works best for you? Or do you have another beauty tip for day-after beauty to share?

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Coconut water does wonders since its packed with plenty of electrolytes. And for the brave souls - hitting the gym! Feels like you're sweating out the bad toxins.


Drink TONS of water before you hi to bed!


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