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Smooth is sexy- we all know this! No one wants to sport stubbly, scratchy skin, especially in the summer! Shaving is a summer essential, so if you’ve been wondering if you can stretch out the time in between your shaves and still have soft, delicious skin, then this post is just for you! Here is your perfect guide to getting the longest lasting shave possible!

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Use Your Man’s Blade

May sound insane, but next time you buy razors, pick up a pack of men’s razors! Men’s razors usually have one more blade than women’s razors, and they are specially designed to pivot and roll to accommodate shaving your face. So using these razors to shave your legs gets you a super duper close shave! Always use a quality razor over a cheap razor for a close shave.


Never Use the Same Blade Twice

I know, it’s tempting to squeak every last shave out of your razor in order to get your money’s worth! However, you’re not necessarily saving yourself anything by using the same razor head more than once. With each shave, the razor becomes a little duller. Then you need to shave more often to combat regrowth, and you spend more time shaving with less time between each shave. Using a new, fresh blade each shave guarantees a close shave that stays smooth and sexy for longer!


Exfoliate Your Skin before Shaving

Shaving is a natural exfoliant, so if you don’t use a scrub or a loofah on your skin to exfoliate prior to shaving, here’s what happens. Your razor scrapes off dead skin cells along with the hair, which might seem great at first, but it actually just means you’re not getting as close of a shave as you could if you didn’t have those dead skin cells in the way! It only takes a minute or two to exfoliate, so knock that out first for a longer lasting shave.


Skip Shaving Cream

Traditional thick shaving cream is what your grandma used. Nowadays we have so many different formulas on the market for shaving with that it’s overwhelming! You need something to help the razor glide as closely to your skin as possible without nicking you. My personal favorite? Hair conditioner or coconut oil! Both make great shaving partners-in-crime!


Treat Yourself to a Sauna-style Steam

Before you shave, if you wrap a hot, wet towel around your legs and let it steam your skin for a minute or two, you’ll notice drastic differences! This is because the moistness of the towel and the heat and steam open up your pores and allow the razor to shave off the hair even lower than the visible “root”.


Don’t Shave in the Morning

Usually when waking up, your skin is a tad puffy. It’s best to walk around a bit, get some blood circulation going and drink a glass of water to help hydrate and reduce puffiness. You want a smooth and close shave, not a shave that feels stubbly after you’ve embraced the day!


Get Waxed

Ah, waxing! I have a love-hate relationship with waxing, you know. It’s so great because your skin is baby smooth for a couple weeks, but waiting for that hair to grow out is a major pain in my rear! I like to just wax certain areas, the ones that aren’t visible daily. Then I stick with shaving for areas that are exposed daily.

Getting the longest lasting shave possible does require a little work, but as you can see there are some tips and tricks that make it a little easier! I despise stubbly legs in the summer when I want to wear my pretty sundresses so keeping a close shave is important for me. I want to know, how do YOU combat quick regrowth and keep your shave lasting longer? Please comment below and thanks for reading!

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@abi these were the tips hun

Steam that's a nice point will try thanks for the article

I will use the same razor until it has nothing left in it! No way I'm buying a new one after 2 shaves!

I shave my legs using hair conditioner. It really works as it gives a clean shave and leaves your legs nice and smooth (they also smell great😛)

I've also thought about waxing, but I have a low pain tolerance. Guess it's shaving for me. :(

Waxing is pretty great

I shave my legs and use coconut conditioner for a smooth shave. They feel and smell so good after shaving

Use my mans razor? Ah, he fights to use mine, LOL!!! There are fantastic razors for women, "Venus" 5 blades...thankfully WAXING was mentioned, I'm hair free for at least 21/2 months and the pain isn't too bad if waxing is done continually.

I've never shaved/waxed my legs before and they're starting to get a bit on the hairy side!! I've been told that I should wax my legs, apparently they should last smooth for the whole summer? Any tips?? Xxx

Threading is also nice. I do a combo of waxing, threading and shaving...

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