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"in Memory" Tattoos for when You've Lost a Loved One ...

By Holly

When a loved one dies, their body may be gone, but you can keep them in your heart forever. If you want to take it one step further, you can make sure that their memory is preserved on your skin forever. If you love tattoos, and want to honor the deceased, then here are a few ideas that you should think about before you book your appointment:

1 Their Signature

tattoo,leg,finger,arm,skin, If you have an old birthday card that your loved one once signed, then you can take it to the tattoo parlor and ask for it to be tattooed onto your skin in their handwriting. That way, you can either get their name carved into your skin, the words "I love you," or whatever else they had written on the card. If they drew you a heart or a smiley face on that card, even better. You can use it to add to the sentimental design.

2 Coordinates

tattoo,beauty,close up,skin,arm, If you want something small and simple, you can get the coordinates of a special place tattooed onto you. If your mother died, you can get the coordinates of the house she raised you in. If your boyfriend died, you can get the coordinates of the restaurant where you had your first date.

3 Their Birth and Death Date

arm,close up,hand,finger,tattoo, You can always get a tattoo of your loved one's birth and death date. If they died from cancer, you can get the numbers placed on a ribbon. If you're religious, you can get them placed in between angel wings.

4 Their Favorite Song

clothing,pink,girl,dress,arm, If you want something a little more lighthearted, you can get the lyrics of your loved one's favorite song tattooed onto your skin. If you're not a fan of their favorite tune, then you could pick a song that you used to sing together, or just a song that makes you think of them.

5 Music Notes

tattoo,white,blue,beauty,finger, If you like the idea of getting a lyrical tattoo, but you don't want a bunch of words written across your skin, you can get the music notes to a song tattooed on you. It's a great idea if your loved one was more interested in the sounds of a song than the actual lyrics contained in them.

6 Their Favorite Animal

tattoo,arm,finger,flower,hand, If your mother loved hummingbirds or if your father loved fishing, you can get a tattoo of those animals. That way, whenever you look at the design, you'll think about how your loved one used to smile when they saw the creatures. It's better than being sad every time that you catch a glimpse of your ink in the mirror.

7 A Page

arm,mouth,leg,muscle,tattoo, You can get a tattoo that looks like a page that's been ripped out of a book and then choose what words will be written over it. You could have words from a childhood story that your loved one used to tell you. You could use passages from The Bible or The Qur'an. You could even use words from a poem or letter that your loved one once wrote to you.

Even though your loved ones may be gone, they'll always be with you in your heart (and maybe even your skin). Have you ever gotten a tattoo in honor of a loved one after they passed away?

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