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A Bear Tattoo and Other Simple Inkspiration ...

By Jennifer

Looking for a little ink-spiration? Why not try a one-line tattoo, created with a single, unbroken line? Iranian-born artist Mo Ganji is a genius in the one-line tattoo arena, and here are a few of his pieces to provide a little illumination and inspiration.

1 Black Bear

Black BearI'm not sure what kind of bear this is, but since the ink is black, I'm calling it a black bear.

2 Bird in Flight

Bird in FlightThis is just so graceful!


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3 A Whale

A WhaleThis is just incredibly realistic!

4 Skull with Antlers

Skull with AntlersThat quote is pretty great, too.

5 Wolf

WolfHow can this be so expressive, with just one line?

6 The Bull

The BullIdeal for all of us Tauruses, no?

7 Sisyphos

SisyphosThe struggle is real... and very realistic.

8 A Trio

A TrioAre these faces, or masks?

9 Goat

GoatSo much detail with just one. single. LINE!

10 Lotus Flower

Lotus FlowerA few dots for shading, but really still just one line.

11 Three Trees

Three TreesThe thicker part of the line makes this one really unique.

12 Chewbacca

ChewbaccaFor all you Star Wars fans out there...

13 Iceberg

IcebergI like what this means: that there's so much more under the surface.

14 A Rose

A RoseAgain, just a few dots to make the leaves, but the rest is just one long, unbroken line.

15 The Lion & the Fox

The Lion & the FoxOh, wow, this one is cool!

16 Penguin

PenguinThis one makes me smile... it's so cute!

17 Owl

OwlNot the typical cute or wise owl... this one's completely bad-ass!

18 Bird of Prey

Bird of PreyIs this an eagle or a hawk? It's just incredible!

19 Elephant

ElephantJust unreal... one line! This is just one line!

20 Steppenwolf

SteppenwolfA tribute to Herman Hesse.

21 Bird

BirdThis one makes me so happy... look at the details, like the beak!

22 Fox

FoxI love this little guy's posture/pose.

23 Pinecone

PineconeAren't pinecones a symbol of enlightenment and illumination?

24 Poppies

PoppiesAt least, I think these are poppies. Now I want one!

25 Kitty!

Kitty!No list of anything is complete without at least one kitty.

To see more of Ganji's work, follow him on Instagram at @moganji.

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