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Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve ...or Anywhere with These Breathtaking Heart Tattoos ...

By Eliza

Thinking of getting a meaningful tattoo? A heart is a great idea because it signifies so many things, including love and memories of those who have passed. Whether you want something large or something small, a heart is a fabulous choice. Make sure you are really sure of what you want, then find a reputable tattoo artist to get the job done. Here are some great ideas.

1 In Memory


2 Infinity Paw Print Heart


3 Matching Hearts

person,nose,photography,girl,barechestedness,Source: 27 Heart-Melting Sister Tattoos

4 Heart Wrist Tattoo

tattoo,arm,font,organ,hand,Source: 12 Wonderful Heart Wrist Tattoos

5 Always and Forever

tattoo,arm,finger,organ,leg,Source: 26 Stunning Harry Potter Tattoos

6 Perfect Wedding Band

jewellery,ring,fashion accessory,finger,hand,Source: Wedding Band Tattoos

7 Mother and Daughter Tattoos


8 Devil Angel Heart

tattoo,arm,skin,leg,organ,Source: 12 Angel Tattoo Designs You

9 On Your Ribs

human action,black,white,black and white,person,Source: 50 of the Coolest Small

10 Heart with Angel Wings

tattoo,finger,close up,arm,head,

11 Matching Tattoos

human action,white,black,black and white,face,Source: 74 Matching Tattoo Ideas To

12 Infinity Hearts

hair,human action,white,black,person,Source: 66 Amazing Mother Daughter Tattoos

13 Back of the Ear Tattoo

face,hair,nose,finger,photography,Source: 56 Impossibly Pretty And Understated

14 Children's Names in Hearts

face,tattoo,nose,close up,skin,Source: Name Tattoo Ideas; Celebrities, Family

15 Impossibly Small and Cute

clothing,active undergarment,undergarment,thigh,arm,Source: 99 Impossibly Small And Cute

16 Simple Design

Infiniters,finger,nail,leg,arm,Source: 66 Simple Female Wrist Tattoos

17 Arrow Heart

tattoo,arm,skin,organ,leg,Source: The Top Tattoo Designs Of

18 Key to My Heart

pattern,design,henna,mehndi,tattoo,Source: 50 Cute Matching Couple Tattoo

19 Hearts inside a Heart

tattoo,pattern,arm,design,finger,Source: 30 Cool Heart Tattoos For

20 Pretty and Understated

finger,nose,close up,skin,hand,Source: 56 Impossibly Pretty And Understated

21 Above the Elbow

clothing,pink,undergarment,thigh,underpants,Source: 20 Tattoos For Women With

22 Sisters Forever

finger,leg,arm,hand,nail,Source: 50+ Sister Tattoos Ideas

23 On Your Foot

black,white,black and white,footwear,leg,Source: 74 Matching Tattoo Ideas To

24 A Bit of Color

tattoo,arm,skin,leg,abdomen,Source: 30+ Amazing Heart Tattoo Designs

25 Elegantly Detailed Black

tattoo,arm,pattern,design,hand,Source: Give Me Your Heart

26 Until We Meet Again

tattoo,handwriting,arm,font,calligraphy,Source: 19 Tattoos That Literally Everyone

27 Small Ankle Tattoo

footwear,leg,high heeled footwear,thigh,arm,Source: Small Ankle Tattoos For Girls

28 White Ink

color,tattoo,pink,red,lip,Source: 35 Best White Tattoo Designs

29 Adorable Small Heart

tattoo,skin,arm,finger,hand,Source: 30 Adorable Small Tattoos For

30 Fancy Heart

finger,nail,pattern,mehndi,design,Source: beautiful tattoo placement ornamental heart

31 With a Butterfly

tattoo,arm,hand,human body,chest,Source: 30+ Amazing Heart Tattoo Designs

32 Floral Heart Tattoo

pink,tattoo,flower,arm,petal,Source: Heart Shape-inspired Tattoo - Pretty

33 Red Hearts

tattoo,pink,arm,hand,leg,Source: Red adorable heart tattoo

34 Floral Inspiration

green,tattoo,close up,pattern,arm,Source: 5 Things to Consider Before

35 Around Your Initial

tattoo,arm,organ,ear,human body,Source: 30+ Amazing Heart Tattoo Designs

36 Queen of Hearts

tattoo,arm,leg,hand,finger,Source: 30 Dashing Crown Tattoo Designs

Which one of these hearts inspire you? Are you going to get inked now that you've seen these?

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