The Best Tattoos for the Back of Your Neck ...

By Eliza

The Best Tattoos for the Back of Your Neck ...

The back of your neck is a great place to get inked. If you have long hair, you can cover a tattoo up if you want to. If your hair is short, you still have the option of hiding the tattoo with your clothes when needed. When you do let it show, it's a fabulous way to show off something you love or are passionate about in a cool place. Need some help deciding what you want? Here are some awesome neck tattoos that are sure to inspire you.

1 Black and White Butterfly

Black and White Butterfly Source: 35 Splendid Back of Neck

2 Roman Numerals

Roman Numerals Source: Small Neck Tattoos

3 Anchor It

Anchor It Source: Anchor Tattoo Design For Women

4 Cool Design

Cool Design Source: Beautiful and Cute Back of

5 Cascade of Stars

Cascade of Stars Source: Tattoos

6 Music Notes

Music Notes Source: Neck Tattoo Design Ideas For

7 Sign of Pisces

Sign of Pisces Source: Neck Tattoo Images & Designs

8 Cool Butterfly

Cool Butterfly Source: Colourful butterfly tattoos back neck

9 Roman Numerals

Roman Numerals Source: Back Neck Tattoos Tattoos Mob

10 Angel Wings

Angel Wings Source: 30 Angel Tattoos Designs

11 Meaningful Quote

Meaningful Quote Source: Back Of Neck Tattoos For

12 Something Elegant

Something Elegant Source: 50 Awesome Neck Tattoos

13 Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher Source: 35 Splendid Back of Neck

14 Colorful Rose

Colorful Rose Source: 24 Elegant Back of Neck

15 Little Black Bird

Little Black Bird Source: Small Bird On Back Neck

16 Butterflies and Stars

Butterflies and Stars Source: 24 Elegant Back of Neck

17 Colorful Stars

Colorful Stars Source: Back of neck Tattoos for

Which one is your favorite? Would you ever get a tattoo on the back of your neck?

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I don't consider these 'the best', perhaps most overused or tacky is a better description.


I liked the dream catcher


#12. Something elegant-is Legend of Zelda full Triforce


The Black Bird is AWESOME


@Sev exactly what I was thinking


Eeeew and ouch


Great article. I want a diamond.


"Something elegant" picture of the Zelda full triforce lol.


You listed Roman Numerals twice.


Awesome 😝


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