Tired of Short Unruly Eyelashes? Here's How to Make Them Grow ...

By Vladlena

Tired of Short Unruly Eyelashes? Here's How to Make Them Grow ...

With fake eyelashes and extensions being the more popular options to achieving full and long lashes, not a lot of people put that much focus on nourishing and enhancing their natural ones. Unfortunately, artificial alternatives can cost an unreasonably high amount of money and will only last for so long, so we might as well opt for natural ways to aid growth. Here are a few important tips to follow!

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Remember to Brush and Massage

eyebrow, hair, face, black hair, cheek, The first step to taking care of your lashes is investing in a brush comb. Daily grooming of your lashes will stimulate growth, separate hairs giving them more volume and make them look just a little bit softer. Additionally, this will allow you to massage your lash line to increase blood blow to the hair follicles!


Choose the Right Oil for You

hair, face, eyebrow, clothing, black hair, There’s a variety of oils that many believe really work in terms of promoting fuller and longer lashes but not all of them will work for you. Your job is to find an oil that will yield best results for your lashes. There are quite a few to choose from: castor oil, cedar wood oil, coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, Moroccan argan oil, rosemary oil and vitamin E oil. All of them have beneficial properties for your eyelashes in addition to a few more.


Avoid Heavy Rubbing of the Eyes

eyebrow, face, hair, black hair, nose, Whenever you remove eye makeup or throughout the day in general, try to be as gentle with your eyes as possible. Rubbing your eyes too hard or vigorously taking off your eye make up can cause a lot of lashes to fall out, contribute to your dark circles and even permanently damage your cornea!


Give Your Lashes a Break and Skip Eye Makeup

hair, human hair color, face, blond, hairstyle, And whenever you can, try to skip eye make up and give your lashes a break! Mascaras can really dry out your lashes causing lots of breakage with further damage. Therefore, try to avoid constant disturbance of lashes that will eventually lead to falling and thinning out prematurely.


Try out Lash-growth Products

hair, eyebrow, human hair color, face, black hair, Additionally, there are a few products on the market that many consumers appear to enjoy. The serums range from drugstore to high end brands making it affordable for a wide demographic of people. Trying them out wouldn’t hurt, you never know when you’ll find your holy grail product!

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Take Vitamins to Promote Growth

hair, face, eyebrow, black hair, nose, Sometimes the best way to fix a problem is from the inside! It’s possible that your lashes are not as healthy as you would want them to be because your body is lacking certain nourishment such as vitamins B, D and E, which promote hair growth. Take your daily dose of supplements and keep an eye out for any changes!


Ditch Your Eyelash Curler

face, eyebrow, hair, cheek, lip, For the time being, forget about your eyelash curler and find alternative ways to achieve the same results. Try using your fingertips or a warm spoon to give your lashes the shape you desire! It’s easy, affordable and much healthier for your lashes.


Wear an Eyelash Primer

hair, eyebrow, face, blue, eye, Eyelash primer should be used under your mascara to protect your eyelashes from harsh ingredients in your mascara and eyeliner. Look for eyelash primers that contain pro-keratin, which protects and strengthens lashes.


Use Petroleum Jelly

face, eyebrow, cheek, hair, lip, Gently apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly with clean fingers before bed. This coats and seals each eyelash and keeps your lashes moisturized. The end result is stronger and healthier lashes!


Eat Right

human action, eating, glasses, dish, food, Having a balanced diet will keep your body running properly, which includes your body's ability to grow eyelashes. Be sure to eat plenty of cauliflower, salmon, bananas, carrots, rice, asparagus, green beans, oats, and mushrooms!

Have a few tips you’d like to share? Write your recommendations in the comments, we’d all love to hear them!

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Castor oil has worked amazingly for me! In 6 days I noticed that I started getting extra lashes and now it's been about 9 months and I have 3 layers of long lashes. I definitely recommend it!

Where do u find these oils

Castor oil

Wow this great thx

Definitely gonna go get the oil and try it out