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When we're well and truly in the thick of winter, there are some winter hair and beauty tips that will guarantee you can still look fabulous in these colder months. During these extreme weather conditions, our hair, body and face needs a little extra TLC and these winter hair and beauty tips should help.

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Marvelous Moisturizer

One of the most important winter hair and beauty tips is to invest in a good moisturizer for your face. This will help to keep your skin looking healthy in harsh winter months. Your skin needs to be protected against the elements and there are many moisturizers on the market that promise to do just that. A cream that contains vitamin C will help manage antioxidant damage. Also, remember to opt for one with SPF to protect against sun damage. I love Clinique's Superdefense Daily Defense Moisturizer because it rehydrates the skin and protects it from the harsh winter weather. Which is your favorite winter moisturizer?


Luscious Lips

Don't forget your lips in the winter months. We should protect both our lips and skin from the harmful rays of the sun and our lips can be just as susceptible to dryness and cracking as the rest of our face. Take a chap stick or a travel pot of Vaseline everywhere you go. It makes a great lip gloss too and gives you irresistibly kissable lips!


Home Harmers

Our skin dries out in the winter, especially with central heating in the home. Try turning it down and opening the window a little to let some fresh air into the house. The extra ventilation will also help you sleep better.


Heal Your Hands

Our hands suffer in the winter months too, so they need some extra special care. Where you can, use a natural foaming wash rather than a harsh bar of soap and wear protective gloves when doing the housework to protect them from the harsh chemicals. Also, use an intensive hand moisturizer and keep your hands super soft by wearing gloves when you're outside.


Dry Skin Brushing

Body brushing is wonderful for so many reasons. It can reduce cellulite and improves skin tone and blood flow. It also gets rid of dry skin, helps release toxins and aids digestion and kidney function. If you're a dry skin brushing virgin then there are a few things to remember. Using a dry skin body brush, brush towards the heart with long sweeps rather than a back and forth or circular motion. Start at the feet then move up the legs on both sides and then work from the arms toward your chest. When you get to your stomach, direct the brush counterclockwise. As tempting as it might be to scrub, don't brush too hard. You're aiming to stimulate the skin rather than scrub it off altogether!


Healthy Hair

Your hair needs some tender loving care too and wearing a hat will help protect your hair from the elements (as well as keeping your head warm). Also, flyaway static hair can be a problem for some people and is often a result of dehydrated hair. Treat your hair to a deep conditioning treatment in order to avoid this as moisturized hair will be less prone to static. You could also try a leave in conditioner.


Food and Water

And finally, remember to drink lots of water to cleanse your body and keep your skin looking youthful. Also, a healthy diet is going to help keep your skin healthy. Don't forget the all-important exercise either as this is going to give you that healthy glow. Not only does working up a sweat help you release those feel-good hormones, it increases the blood flow and gives you a beautiful and smooth complexion.

These are some of my top winter hair and beauty tips. Do you have any others to share? I would love to hear!

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Or a simple lip scrub is white sugar with a bit of olive oil

Use Static Guard on your hairbrush. It's amazing for static!!

Also,if your lips get pretty flaky,you can use a soft toothbrush to scrape the dead skin away.It's cheaper than getting a lip scrub and it works just as fine.

Thank you for the tips! :)

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