7 Budget Beauty Tips You Need in Your Life ...


7 Budget Beauty Tips You Need in Your Life ...
7 Budget Beauty Tips You Need in Your Life ...

When your credit card begins to groan at the sight of MAC’s website, budget beauty tips can save your face and your finances. Around your home there are dozens of hidden assets for your beauty routine. This means you can kiss Clinique goodbye and say hello to looking great without the expense. By making the most of these seven budget beauty tips, you may save a fortune.

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Scrub with Salt

There was once a time when I spent a fortune on body sugars. They’re sort of addictive smell wise and they tend to prep my skin better for fake tan than anything else. One of the best budget beauty tips passed on to me from a TV program here in the UK suggested DIY body scrubs. My favorite involves mixing sea salt with a little lavender and olive oil. It’s especially great in the bath, because the heat from the water really sets the lavender off.


File Your Feet

Want to space out time between pedicures? Then give your feet a little TLC on a regular basis. Filing your feet once a week stops you from having to go to a beautician for pedicures. Assuming you can paint your own nails, you may hardly need to shell out for one again. Pay close attention to the heels, balls, and the sides of your big toes.


Engage in a Little DIY Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is the buzz word on the lips of almost every celebrity these days. Sure, it is relaxing and it can clear your pores up a treat, but the price is kind of eye watering. You can pay anywhere between $90 and $300, maybe even beyond if the spa is particularly luxurious. Mimic the effects of hydrotherapy in your shower by having a steamy one, then turning the water to cold for 15 seconds, and then repeating the process for another two minutes. Not only will your pores see benefits, you will tone your skin a little as well.


Brighten Your Teeth

Got some baking soda in your cupboard? Then you can save yourself a trip to the dentist and use it to whiten your teeth. Baking soda is mildly abrasive. This means it is great for removing stains from your teeth. Try gently brushing yours with a little to experience the same benefits that come with a great teeth whitening session.


Brighten Your Eyes with Potatoes

Slice up a potato, place it in the fridge for a few minutes, and apply it to the area beneath your eyes. The coldness causes vasoconstriction, which prevents more fluid from leaking into the area. This in turn makes everything less puffy. You can pretty much try this with any vegetable and have the same effect. Potatoes are just readily available, cheap, and can save you a packet on expensive eye creams.

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DIY Face Masks

DIY face masks aren’t just great for saving money. They are the best way to get your hands on a customized solution for your skin. This is the sort of trick beauticians brag about to make more money, while using words like ‘boutique’ and ‘unique.’ There are hundreds of recipes out there, so find one to match your skin type. One that is especially good for the sort of inflammation that comes with acne is good old oats and yogurt. Want to avoid mess? Keep the oats and yogurt in a little muslin and lay it across your face.


Lemons for Yellow Nails

Quite a few of us get yellow nails from time to time for one reason or another. Smoking is a massive culprit, as well as certain polish shades. One great way to defeat this is to stick them into a lemon. Yep, lemon juice will acid those nails clean. When you’re done, your nails will be good as new!

Generally, beauty doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There was once a time when I was a slave to Lancome. After a little while, I began playing with more budget options and realized they were pretty good too. If you have great budget beauty tips, please share them!

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Great tips! Love to try that hydrotherapy alternative

Here's what I use to remember my budget, "if it's over ten, it not worth it, not even for the men." It's funny and it rhymes!

GreAt tips thanks.

Cool tips. Thanks.

Love this!!! ❤️

do not use salt as bodyscrub, it hurts like shit on dry skin . I use sugar, almond oil and olive oil mixed.. hurts alot less.

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