7 Ways to Avoid Wasting Beauty Products ...

If your bathroom shelves are full of half-finished bottles, you could use some ways to avoid wasting beauty products. How many of us actually finish every product we use before buying a new one? Either we fall for the promises of commercials or buy new products on impulse, and end up with lots of half-used (or never used) products. So before you fill your shopping basket with shampoo and moisturiser, here are some ways to avoid wasting beauty products …

1. Finish before Buying New Ones

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One of the ways to avoid wasting beauty products is to finish a product completely before buying a new one. Most of the time we don't wait until we really need to buy a replacement - and because we've bought the new product we're keen to try it out. So the old one languishes on the shelf gathering dust. Squeeze the last drop out before buying anything new!

2. Don't Impulse Buy

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Impulse buying is a very quick way to accumulate lots of half-finished products. We see a new shampoo or body lotion on sale and want to try it out, or browse the shops for things we don't really need. So don't pick up products you don't need, and only shop for specific beauty items on your list.

3. Try Samples

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If you're interested in trying a new product, see if there is a tester available so that you can decide if you really like it. It's so annoying spending money on a product that you don't like when you get it home. You can also ask if there are samples available to take home and try; these will likely be available for more expensive ranges.

4. Don't Believe the Hype

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Many of the beauty products we buy and don't finish don't live up to the hype, or don't work for us personally. Let's face it (sorry) - cosmetics can't work miracles. We all know that manufacturers use Photoshop in advertising, so why believe a word of the promises in commercials?

5. Check Your Stock

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Before buying yet another beauty product, ask yourself if you already have it. If you have a stash of moisturisers and body creams, use them up before buying anything new. You may well have enough to last you for the next year, and can cut your beauty budget right down.

6. Versatile Products

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For products that don't have an endless shelf life, you may end up with lots of items that you don't use up before they go dry or become less effective. A good way to get round this is to buy products that can multitask. This way you're likely to use it up, instead of having several products that you never actually finish.

7. Buy Smaller Sizes

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We usually pick up the larger sizes of products, reasoning that it's better value. But if you're trying out a product for the first time, it makes more sense to buy the smaller size. That way, you won't waste so much if you don't like it. Smaller sizes are also more practical if you like trying lots of different products.

You should also resist picking up '3 for 2' offers if you want to avoid wastage - while beauty products won't deteriorate as quickly as food, you may still not use them up. Be honest - how many half-finished beauty products do you have lying around?

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