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15 Ways to Boost Your Sex Appeal in an Instant ...

By Neecey

Do you have allure? Do you ooze sex appeal? Let’s be honest - few of us do without a little help! But there are times when we just want to get our sexy on whether it’s to attract the eye of a certain someone (or anyone ^_^) or to suit a vibe you’re feeling. Newsflash – there’s no need for a full makeover to look sexy. Here are a few simple tricks every wannabe sex kitten should know:

1 Trade Red Lipstick for a Natural Color

Trade Red Lipstick for a Natural ColorRed lipstick used to be the symbol of sex appeal in days gone by, for example in the vampy golden age of Hollywood. It is true that the sight of red lips can be alluring, but they can also be very high maintenance and worrying about keeping them perfect can distract you from other aspects of your confidence and sexuality. Red can also be sexy in an “obvious” way. Be alluring. Tone it down a little and go for a softer, creamier color that will go you a warm, inviting, more natural finish.

2 Concentrate Mascara on the Outer Lashes

Concentrate Mascara on the Outer LashesA great, simple trick to boost your sex appeal is to focus the application of your mascara on the outer areas of your eyelashes. The look that is created from this process is one of doe-eye, wide-open beauty that really makes your eyes pop in a fashionable, sultry way. This is a wonderful way to make your eyes pop without having to apply false lashes.

3 Apply Shimmery Lotion to Your Décolletage

Apply Shimmery Lotion to Your DécolletageThe key to this tip is to remember that the word is shimmery, not sparkly! Blending a small amount of highlighter or lotion on your décolletage will draw attention to that part of your body if you so wish it, and will add a beautifully warm and almost dewy aspect to your look. It is very important that you do not go overboard and cross the line in to cheap or tacky; the desired effect should be a subtle shine, not a glitter ball!

4 Use Highlighter in Your Cupid’s Bow

Use Highlighter in Your Cupid’s BowAnother great use of highlighter is to dab it across your cupid’s bow. You only need a very small, pinhead-sized amount of liquid for this process, blending it in to the shallow divot in the space above your upper lip. This will work to draw attention to your lips and will help to make them look fuller, larger and much more defined. All of these perceived changes can be made with such a small effort; it’s a great tip.

5 Texturizing Cream in Your Hair Will Work Wonders

Texturizing Cream in Your Hair Will Work WondersA fantastic and easy way to address the pesky problem of fine, lifeless, flat hair is to add some volume to it by introducing a dime-sized portion of texturizing cream. Rub the cream in your palms and scrunching it through the entire length of your hair and then massage the leftover product directly in to your roots. It will help to create much more volume than you would get naturally. Combine the cream with a hair dryer if you want even more volume.

6 Spritz Fragrance on Your Neck

Spritz Fragrance on Your NeckThe neck has the potential to be an incredibly sexy part of the body. This can be helped by spritzing a small amount of your favorite fragrance on the nape of your neck. Perfume can very often become overwhelming, so it is important that you hold the bottle approximately ten inches from your skin when you spray. This is the perfect distance for absorbing the scent without it becoming too much. Subtlety is sexy.

7 Highlight Your Gorgeous Peepers with Smokey Makeup

Highlight Your Gorgeous Peepers with Smokey MakeupThey have been the style of choice for a number of years now, but smokey eyes show no sign of slowing soon. For maximum sex appeal, though, you should try to avoid going overboard on the amount of ‘smokiness’ that you go for. There is a fine line between sultry and showy, so be careful with your smudging and make sure your lines are still defined. A perfectly applied smokey eye is smoldering and so, so sexy!

8 Use Cream Blush for a Dewy, Gently Flushed Look

Use Cream Blush for a Dewy, Gently Flushed LookUsing cream blush is a wonderful way to achieve a look that makes it seem as if you are truly glowing from within. Sometimes blush powder can make your face appear somewhat chalky, but the great thing about cream is that is blends effortlessly in to the skin to produce a beautiful dewy effect. The cream makes your skin look healthy, smooth and you can also blend it upwards to your temples to try a more sculpted, contoured look.

9 Exfoliate Your Lips to Get That Perfect Pout

Exfoliate Your Lips to Get That Perfect PoutIt is not something that many people do, but exfoliating your lips is a really worthwhile exercise. You could use a sugar scrub or even an old toothbrush, but exfoliating your lips gets rid of unwanted dead cells and not only gives them a pleasingly smooth, kissable texture, but also provides a great, soft surface for lipstick application. The friction also makes them look naturally plumper and more flushed.

10 Avoid Heavy Foundation Looking like a Cover up Job

Avoid Heavy Foundation Looking like a Cover up JobEven if you do have worrisome or confidence sapping blemishes on your face, caking your skin in layer of obvious, heavy foundation should be avoided at all costs. There are many brilliant products on the market that are designed to give you coverage without turning you in to a completely different person. Using a touch of heavy-duty concealer is acceptable in parts, but try to balance it out with BB creams and tinted moisturizers to achieve a much more natural, sexier look.

11 Nude Nails Are Sometimes Sexier than Vampish Brights

Nude Nails Are Sometimes Sexier than Vampish BrightsDon’t get me wrong, there will always be a time and place for vibrant, out there nail polish colors, but there is just something about the growing ranges of nude, flesh toned polishes that is really classy, interesting and sexy. A great nude tone set of nails actually complement hands and feet and make them look longer, more delicate and more elegant. The color choice shows that you are fashion conscious but prefer an understated glamour.

12 Relax Your up do for Something Less Formal

Relax Your up do for Something Less FormalIf an updo is always you hairstyle of choice, you can make it look as little less serious and teacher-like by loosening a few areas around your face to create more romantic, softer effect. Teasing at the crown to add a further touch of volume is also a great tip. Any hairstyle, especially an updo, can sometimes look a little harsh if done too perfectly, so adding a few touches of constructed messiness is an easy way to make it sexier.

13 Flicked Eyeliner Adds a Touch of Hollywood Glamour

Flicked Eyeliner Adds a Touch of Hollywood GlamourFlicked or winged styled eyeliner has been one of the biggest fashion trends of the last five years, and it is still as sexy now as it was then. Harkening back to the glorious golden age of Hollywood with Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot, an expertly placed flick on the outside of your eye can evoke the look of a sexy, sultry cat like figure, adding a touch of drama that is effortlessly enticing.

14 Use Fingers Instead of a Brush for Your Tresses

Use Fingers Instead of a Brush for Your TressesWhen it comes to styling longer hair in a down do, it is a great idea to use your fingers rather than using a comb or brush. A hard toothed brush can sometimes take all of the life and texture out of your hair. By running your fingers through it instead, you are able to retain some of the natural texture and volume that can be flattened by a comb. Avoiding combs and brushes can also eliminate the problem of frizz that is so often encountered when hair is over brushed.

15 Achieve an Overall Glow That Just Shouts Sexy

Achieve an Overall Glow That Just Shouts SexyHighlighter powder can work wonders when you know how and where to effectively apply it. In order to create a sexy glow in all of the right places, focus on the tops of the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, the centre of the chin, the clavicle and the shoulder blades. Dusting some powder on each of these areas will give your entire look a luminous and almost ethereal glow, taking your sex appeal to a whole new level.

Simpler than you imagined? Now all you have to do is find a killer outfit to complete your sexy self.

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