You Will Not Believe These 32 Stunning Celestial Tattoos ...


There's something so beautiful about the sun, moon and stars. That's what makes celestial inspired images such a great choice when you want to get a tattoo. You can go from simple to elaborate, or anywhere in between. No matter what you choose, it's sure to be stunning. Here are some options to get you excited. I know that some of them are temporary tattoos, but you can certainly use them as inspiration for something permanent. Get ready to be blown away!

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Sun and Moon with Faces

tattoo,arm,pattern,design,hand, Source: 50 Examples of Moon Tattoos


Simple Sun That Can Be Small or Large

white,black and white,black,tattoo,photography,


One of the most enchanting designs that people opt for is the simple sun tattoo which boasts versatility. Whether you prefer to keep it petite, adding only a subtle hint of cosmic charm to your wrist or ankle, or desire a more grandiose statement with a large back piece, the sun embodies brilliance and vitality. It's a motif that represents life, positivity, and often a new dawn. For the lovers of minimalism, a mere outline can capture the essence of the celestial, while others may choose intricate patterns to fill the sun's visage, giving a more personalized touch.


Marriage of the Sun and Moon

tattoo,arm,skin,pattern,design, Source: j'adore


Phases of the Moon and the Solar System

leg,finger,skin,close up,arm, Source: Best Moon Tattoo Designs


Black and White Design (this Would Look Great in Color Too)

tattoo,arm,head,skin,close up, Source: 1337tattoos — annainks: thanks maria


Bright White Ink is Really Cool

tattoo,black,arm,organ,pattern, Source: moon tattoo white ink


A Whole Cascade of Stars

hair,face,hairstyle,black hair,beauty, Source: What Tattoo Removal Really Feels


Get the Moon Phases down Your Spine

hair,clothing,girl,beauty,blond, Source: 50 Examples of Moon Tattoos


Celestial Space Illustration

face,leg,thigh,arm,skin, Source: Celestial Temporary Tattoos - Fake


Itty Bitty Sun and Moon Tattoo

black and white,human positions,finger,arm,hand, Source: TheyAllHateUs


Blue Galaxy Tattoo with Ripped Effect

color,tattoo,blue,woman,arm, Source: 50 All Star Galaxy Tattoos


Solar System Sleeve

tattoo,thigh,arm,tights,skin, Source: Solar system | Best tattoo


This is a Coverup - so Cool!

face,tattoo,nose,head,close up, Source: 50 Hair-Raising Feminine Tattoos


Mandala Moon Tattoo in Progress (or You Could Leave It like This)

black,white,black and white,tattoo,photography, Source: Mark Noel : Photo


Intricate Moon on Your Back

face,tattoo,black,nose,arm, Source: Very pretty- much smaller tattoo


On Your Ankles is a Great Place for Tattoos

pattern,mehndi,leg,design,arm, Source: Skin Deep Tales - iitshardtospeakwithoutatongue


Purple and Blue Stars

tattoo,arm,flower,human body,pattern, Source: Welcome


Colored Solar System

green,close up,arm,musical instrument,flute, Source: Solar System Temporary Tattoo


Gorgeous Henna Pattern to Inspire Your Ink

mehndi,pattern,henna,design,arm, Source: Crazy Tattoo Ideas: Henna Tattoo


Get the Planets Inked on Your Back

hair,hairstyle,long hair,arm,pattern, Source: fashion, girl, model, photography


Something for Your Man? or for You?

glass,lice,alloca, Source: Space Tattoos


Full Moon in All Its Glory

finger,jewellery,arm,fashion accessory,leg, Source: Moon Tattoo - Temporary Tattoo


Moon and Stars in Black and White

tattoo,pattern,arm,design,chest, Source: 30 Groovy Moon Tattoos


Sun inside the Moon

pattern,henna,design,tattoo,mehndi, Source: 50 Examples of Moon Tattoos


Add a Flower for Fun

tattoo,arm,leg,human body,chest, Source:


The Entire Universe on Your Shoulders

tattoo,arm,human body,chest, Source: 25 Stunning Space Tattoos
Source: Tarot Artwork by Artist


Tiny Little Group of Stars

tattoo,skin,arm,close up,hand, Source: Best Star Tattoo Designs


Sun, Moon and Stars in Color

tattoo,arm,organ,human body,chest, Source: 25 Attractive Celestial Tattoos


Stunning Space Tattoo

arm,skin,leg,finger,hand, Source: 25 Stunning Space Tattoos


Connecting to the Celestial Sphere

color,tattoo,arm,leg,pattern, Source:


Zodiac Constellation Tattoos

tattoo,arm,skin,leg,hand, Source: Top 41 Gemini Tattoos for


Fun Little Stars

tattoo,pattern,arm,design,human body, Source: Best Star Tattoo Designs

Do you see the inspiration for you next tattoo? I love the constellation ones! Which one are you thinking of getting?

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I thought a lot of these were ugly. But to each her own

I have had the phases of the moon tattooed down my spine for many years now and still love it.

I absolutely love celestial tattoos! I have mine in the works.

I thought 9 & 25 were awesome! 9 was subtle yet detailed and simply stunning. 25 was so creative and artsy.

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