7 Amazing Ways to Use Ice in Your Beauty Routine ...


When you need to cheapen your beauty routine without compromising the results, there is one A-MA-ZING product you probably have never even considered.

It’s easily available, incredibly cheap and suits all skin types.

What is this miracle product?

Well, wait for it… it’s water!

Or to be precise, ice.

As well as making sure you drink enough water as your main source of hydration and to keep you beautiful on the inside, you can use ice (sometimes with some added extras) in your beauty routine to keep your outside looking gorgeous.

1. Use Ice as a Makeup Primer

We all know the importance of using primer to prep your skin before applying your makeup.

However primer can be pricey and sometimes it is hard to condone such an expense.

You’ll be glad to know that there is a cheaper alternative.

Simply rub an ice cube over your face to freshen up your skin before you apply your foundation;

this will make your makeup lasts longer on nights out.

2. Tighten up Your Skin

Ice shrinks the size of your pores, smoothing your complexion and easing wrinkles.

Using ice in your beauty regime will also help to banish acne and will promote your blood circulation.

All you have to do is wrap a few ice cubes in a paper towel and rub it across your skin for a few minutes before you go to sleep.

This will tighten your skin and freshen it up ready for the morning.

3. Relieve Puffy Eyes

Is a late night showing up under your eyes?

Brew up a cup of green tea and freeze it in an ice cube tray.

Once frozen wrap the cubes in a flannel and rub it gently under your eyes to reduce the puffiness.

Another way to use ice to get rid of puffy eyes is to freeze wet cotton pads and place them on your eyes.

This works a little like cucumber, but if you haven’t got any of that in the fridge then this will do the trick just as well.

Reduce Redness of Spots
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