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If you want to capture a man's attention, you should use your personality.

However, if you've never spoken to him before and are too shy to initiate a conversation, then you're going to have to rely on your looks.

After all, they're the first thing he'll notice about you.

That's why you should follow these beauty tips to become more noticeable:

1. Use Volumizing Spray

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Your hair is one of the first things people see when they look at you, which is why you should always keep it tangle-free and washed.2

If you really want it to look great, then you should use volumizing spray to add lift to your hair.

If you have naturally curly hair and want to give those curls a softer look, make sure to loosen them with your fingers instead of a brush.

That way, you'll get the results you were hoping for.

2. Test Your Foundation near Your Jawline

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When you head to the store to buy foundation, it's of the utmost importance that you buy the correct shade for your skin.

If you buy the wrong one, then it'll be clear that your face is covered in makeup.3

In order to find the right shade, you should test the produce near your jawline, so you can see how similar it looks to both your face color and your neck color.

3. Don't Overdo Your Makeup

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You don't need to apply makeup to every area of your face.

If you want your cheeks to look rosy, you can give them a little pinch instead of putting on blush that'll look too dark against your skin.

Put your makeup on in moderation, because you'll get the bad kind of attention if your face is overdone.

4. Moisturize More than Your Face

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Your face isn't the only body part that needs to be moisturized.

If you're going to wear a short skirt or shorts, then you should moisturize your legs in order to make them look their best.

You can also apply moisturizer to your elbows and knees, where the skin tends to crack.

Wear Bright Lipstick or Smokey Eyes
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