9 Cult Beauty Products Worth Their Hype ...

We all know the deal with cult beauty products.

A celebrity claims that their good looks is down to a certain cream/treatment/make up item, and everyone floods out to get it.

Everywhere from magazines to newspapers and beauty blogs would give five-star reveiews, and you’d have to fight your way around to try and track down the wonderous item – and the price would now have doubled, too.

I’ve wised up a lot to cult products these days, but there are some that do work miracles – here are the cult beauty products that are worth their salt.

1. Tweezerman Slants

Eyebrows can be mischevious. They’ll look great until you need them to look good for a hot date/important meeting/job interview, and then they’ll go haywire. Which is why no #woman should ever be without tweezers, and hopefully Tweezerman Slants. You’ll immediately see and feel the difference between these and cheaper tweezers, making them a definite handbag essential... and one of the cult beauty products worth their hype!