7 Makeup Brushes You Need to Own ...

To become the master at your own beauty regime, a flawless application begins with the right tools, which is why these are the essential 7 makeup brushes you need to own. When it comes to perfecting your look nothing quite compares to the precision of the right makeup brush. To achieve a beautifully finished face with even coverage and spot-on care, invest in these makeup brushes you need to own and add a pretty polished touch to enhance your natural beauty.

1. Foundation Brush

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A round, fluffy and flat-tipped brush is exactly what you need for the perfect foundation applicator. The foundation brush is useful for buffing and blending foundation on to the skin flawlessly and precisely. Its round shape is ideal for a smooth application and even coverage to give you the illusion of perfectly glowing skin. Use this brush by dipping it into your foundation and buffing it on to your skin in a circular motion from cheeks to hairline for a natural, airbrush-like finish.

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