11 Beauty Products I'm Thankful for ...


11 Beauty Products I'm Thankful for ...
11 Beauty Products I'm Thankful for ...

If you’re looking for some beauty products to try, might I suggest some of the fabulous beauty products I’m thankful for being in my life? I know we all have our absolute favorite makeup and skin care products and I wanted to share some of the most outstanding of the bunch for me! So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most hardworking beauty products around!

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Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder

Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder This is one of the beauty products to try that I personally tried on a whim and loved! I love being able to “freshly ground” my powder and while it’s a loose powder, I love using this after I apply foundation or BB cream. This is a hydrating powder but I don’t really find that it aggravates my oilier areas so it works out great for my combination skin!


Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick

Does lipstick get any more luxurious than YSL’s? This is definitely one of my splurges but it’s a beauty product I can’t live without. This lipstick is hydrating, rich in color and the packaging makes me feel like I’m on socialite status! If you’re a lipstick snob like me, you have to give these beauties a try!


Carol’s Daughter Coconut Shea Souffle

Carol’s Daughter Coconut Shea Souffle I’ll be honest with you, I haven’t had much luck with Carol’s Daughter’s hair care, but their skin care products are to die for! This decadent moisturizer has the most heavenly coconut scent and soothes skin without leaving any greasiness behind. Another great feature is that you don’t need to use a lot to get the great benefits!


Murad Skin Perfecting Primer

Murad Skin Perfecting Primer If you’re on the hunt for a good makeup primer, this is one of the beauty products to try! I love Murad’s skin care products but they make a mean makeup primer also. This primer comes in a matte or dewy finish and has a tint of color. The other benefit is that the primer contains skin-perfecting ingredients for the most flawless finish!


Illamasqua Cream Blusher

I’m still fairly new to beauty product brand Illamasqua but from what I’ve tried out so far, they’re pretty impressive! One of their standout products for me is their cream blusher. Most people will agree that cream blush is best for non-oily skin types but clearly you can use whatever you like! This blush gives you a very pretty wash of color, easy to blend, buildable and comes in a rainbow of colors!


Hellomellow JOY Pink Himalayan Bath Salts

Bath salts might not be part of your makeup routine, but it’s still one of the beauty products to try! We can all use a nice relaxing bath after a busy day and these Juniper and Sage scented bath salts are sure to please! Soak all your troubles away with this blissful blend of fragrances that’ll soothe your mind and skin!


Miracle Skin Transformer

Miracle Skin Transformer I was lucky enough to try this skin care product from one of my beauty box subscriptions and it really is quite a little miracle! This 5-in-1 formula primes, enhances, hydrates, mattifies and protects our skin for a flawless finish. This little tube has all your bases covered and is formulated without any of unnecessary chemicals!


Anastasia Brow Powder Duo

Anastasia Brow Powder Duo Anastasia truly is the queen of beauty products for eyebrows. I love my drugstore beauty products and I’ve searched high and low for an eyebrow powder that comes close to Anastasia’s but nothing compares! I wish this brow powder came with an applicator but the gorgeous color combos and long-lasting formula makes up for it!


E.l.f. Studio Brushes

E.l.f. Studio Brushes With all these beauty products to try out, you’ve gotta have a good set of tools to apply them with, right?! I’ve tried e.l.f.’s professional (or regular) and studio lines of makeup brushes and personally, I think the studio line is well worth the extra money! These brushes are super soft, durable and do a fab job despite their low price!


Dr. Scholl’s for Her Jelly Soak Therapy

Dr. Scholl’s for Her Jelly Soak Therapy The beauty products I’m thankful for aren’t always makeup but this jelly foot soak makes me feel just as good as wearing makeup does! The next time you’ve had a long day of running around or a long night dancing in painful heels, soak your piggies in this squishy and soothing jelly soak! Pour yourself a glass of wine while you’re relaxing your feet and you’ll never want the experience to end!


Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Sally Hansen makes a lot of fantastic beauty products but the product I love most is the Salon Effects nail polish strips! If you’re pressed for time, there’s no better way to get beautiful nails without any dry time! They offer tons of different colors and designs so you can match your nails to the season or your mood!

I hope you found some beauty products to try from this list. It’s amazing how there are so many different beauty brands and products out there to try and love! Do you have any specific beauty products that you’re thankful for and would never go without?

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I can't wait to try the Yves Saint Laurent lipstick. It's going on my wish list! :-)

Excellent choice Madison! Let me know how ya like it! :)

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