How to Feel Prettier πŸ’Ž in under 5 Minutes for Girls Who Are Not Happy with Their Look 😩 ...


There are days you need a little boost, wouldn’t you agree?

Maybe you’re having a day where you feel unattractive, which is something almost all of us girls have from time to time.

You could also be just feeling down in general.

It’s helpful to do something that makes you feel pretty when you’re feeling that way.

When you feel pretty, it always lifts your spirits.

1. Put Lotion on

One thing you can do to feel pretty in a hurry is to put some lotion on.

It’s a small thing with a big payoff.

Your skin feels nice and smells lovely all day long.

Doing this right after a morning shower is a great way to start your day.

It’s a special little thing you can do for yourself.

This is something that I didn’t always take time for, but I’ve found I love this luxurious little treat!2

Apply Lipstick
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