10 of the Hottest Beauty Vloggers πŸ’„πŸ’… Right Now That All Pretty Girls Are πŸ‘€ Watching ...


I love watching beauty vloggers because you can pick up tons of beauty tips and tricks, see product previews and reviews, and watch some pretty fun makeup challenges go down.

Think of them as entertaining yet equally informative videos that help you fine tune your application technique and get some insight into products from someone experienced in makeup.

There are tons of in-demand beauty vloggers and the list below is just a preview of the many talented vloggers out there! πŸ’„πŸ’…

1. Farah Dukai

I actually first learned about this beauty vlogger from Instagram.

I’m a little obsessed with watching those 15-second makeup vids and she’s one of my favorites to watch.

Farah has tons of DIY beauty and skin care tips in addition to makeup tutorials and celeb-inspired makeup.

She’s also a great resource for home remedies for hair and skin care issues.

Take a look!

2. Manny MUA

As you may already know, there are loads of beauty boys killing the makeup game and Manny MUA happens to be one of them.2

Personally, I think he’s especially skilled at eye shadow and I love watching and learning from him.

He recently teamed up with Makeup Geek to create a custom eye shadow palette that’s most definitely worth checking out.

3. Nikkie Tutorials

Nikkie Tutorials was behind the Power of Makeup video that went viral awhile back and if you saw the video, you saw how talented she is!

This girl can honestly do no wrong when it comes to makeup.

She recently did a video using all kids’ makeup and she looked amazing.

She’s another YouTuber who recently teamed up with a makeup brand for her very own palette.

Look for her collab with Too Faced.

4. Nikita Dragun

I love me some Mama Dragun!

If you haven’t seen her full face using Kylie lip glosses on IG, you’re seriously missing out.2

She posts lots of makeup tutorials from cut creases to how to create bigger lips and she does lots of Q&A videos on her transition and plastic surgery experiences, too.

She’s definitely one to watch!

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