7 Reasons to Love Your Pale Skin ...


There are lots of reasons to love your pale skin, if that's what nature blessed you with.

Yet many pale-skinned people think that their natural skin color is ugly, and spend time and money changing their skin tone with fake tan.

Or worse still, they risk their health by tanning in the sun.

Yet there's absolutely nothing wrong with being pale.

Here are some of the reasons to love your pale skin …

1. It's Natural

It's Natural

One of the top reasons to love your pale skin is that it's your natural skin color.

What's so wrong with being the way you are?

Your skin is this color for a reason - that your ancestors come from a colder country.

So wherever you live now, it's wise to be careful in the sun and stick to your natural pale skin.

It's fine to be pale, it really is.

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