Savvy 👍🏼 Tricks for Getting Every Last Drop 💧 out of Your Beauty Products 🚿 ...


Don’t you just hate packaging: tubes that you can never squeeze out all the product;

jars you can’t reach the bottom of and weird shaped containers of all sorts?

This is especially maddening with your beauty and makeup products.

And then there are those times you think you have to throw something away because it’s spoiled, or you’re panicked because there’s only a tiny drop left.

You’ll never have to stop replenishing your products but you can certainly know some tricks to get the very last drop of them and make them go a little further.

1. Cut and Scrape Your Tubes

When nothing is coming out of a squeeze tube anymore, before you throw it away cut it open and use what you can scrape out of the sides.

It is usually more than you think!

Put Your Old Mascara Tube in Warm Water
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