7 Strange Yet Effective Beauty Rituals to Consider ...


Women have done pretty bizarre things in the name of beauty and as crazy as it sounds, you have to wonder whether their crazy shenanigans are really effective beauty treatments, right?!

As daring as I am, there are some things that I just won’t try for the sake of looking good like bull semen as a hair treatment, or rejuvenating my skin with snail secretions.

But, I am certainly willing to try some of the less intrusive yet odd beauty treatments listed below.

Keep reading to try out some of the strange yet effective beauty rituals for yourself or just read purely for your entertainment!

1. Faux Tan Fix

Even the most seasoned faux tanning pros can slip up and have a bad day on occasion, so this weird but true beauty fix is for the faux glow loving ladies!2

If you happen to goof up on fake bake, try using some whitening toothpaste on your palms to get rid of leftover tanning lotion.

If you happen to find some unsightly streaks on your body from fake tanning, try mixing water and baking soda and applying it to the uneven area to get a more uniform look.

Multi-purpose Masks
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