These Beauty πŸ’‹ Tips Will Make You Look Lovely 😊 in Less Time ⏱ ...


You may love to spend a lot of time on your hair and makeup or you could be a girl that’s got a more minimal routine.

Either way, you probably have days when you need to look gorgeous with no time to spare.

Maybe you overslept or your schedule is slammed for the day.

These are the beauty tips you need to look lovely in less time.

1. Trade Your Foundation in for a BB Cream

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Foundation is a great makeup product but it’s not one that’s great for multiple purposes.

BB cream is a makeup product that can cover several purposes in one.

It can take the place of moisturizer, primer, foundation and concealer in one.

This saves you quite a bit of time.

The coverage is usually sheerer than foundation but it’s the product to grab on crazy busy days.

Think Lashes and Lips πŸ’‹
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