9 Tips to Look Pretty and Perky when You're Sick ...


While I can’t really help you with how to look sick so you can avoid work, I can surely show you how to look pretty when sick! The fall and winter are nice and all, but I’m not such a big fan of runny noses and sneezing till the cows come home. But, there are some tricks that can help you look much better than you feel. So break out your beauty products for a beauty remedy to cure your fall and winter woes!

1. Moisturize

One of the basic principles in how to look pretty when sick is to make sure you’re still properly caring for your skin. I know it’s easy to think that being sick is a pass to slack on personal care but if you want to look healthy, start with your skin. Medication, the dry air and a number of other things can dry out skin so moisturize your skin with a gentle moisturizer that won’t further irritate your skin.

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