Top 8 Makeup Mistakes Beginners Make ...


If you’re just beginning to dabble in makeup, you’re highly encouraged to experiment and have fun but there are some makeup mistakes beginners make that you want to know about and avoid. Your makeup should be reflection of your personal taste while enhancing your natural beauty, not covering them up or disguising your features with tons of makeup. So whether you’re new to the makeup game or just want to avoid looking like an amateur, keep on reading for info on these avoidable mistakes!

1. Not Properly Caring for Skin

A very common amateur beauty mistake is that many makeup newbies are so focused on the makeup itself that they overlook the foundation of looking good and looking your best which is having good skin! Treat blemishes, cleanse and moisturize your skin regularly and consider seeing a dermatologist for stubborn skincare issues. Correctly caring for your skin should supersede any makeup tips because having healthy skin is paramount to any makeup!

Over-warming Your Complexion
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