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10 Useful Beauty Tips for an Active Lifestyle ...

If you lead a very active and fast-paced lifestyle, I think youโ€™ll find these beauty tips for an active lifestyle helpful! Do you find yourself constantly running from place to place all while fitting in workouts? Or perhaps your day revolves around being active and so you donโ€™t have the extra time to spend on primping? Whatever the case, we have some excellent beauty tips for an active lifestyle thatโ€™ll help you look good without all the fuss!

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1. Be Gentle

When talking about beauty tips for an active lifestyle, we have to remember to be gentle. Since youโ€™re sweating, showering, changing and cleansing more frequently, you want to use products that are mild and wonโ€™t dry out your skin or hair. Use mild shampoo, conditioner and body washes so that you still get rid of dirt and residue but youโ€™re not stripping your skin of its natural oils.

2. Take It off

The next beauty tip might take some extra time to do but itโ€™s important to your skinโ€™s health. Taking off your makeup before you work out will help ensure that your skin isnโ€™t absorbing the beauty products and clogging your pores. It also won't cause acne and you wonโ€™t have to worry about sweating off your makeup. Stow some makeup wipes in your bag if you donโ€™t have time for a thorough cleansing so you can use them to clean up whether youโ€™re wearing makeup or not!

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3. Strengthen and Soften

Beauty tips for the active woman also include using a hair oil to keep your strands strong and soft. If youโ€™re often active outdoors or you always put your hair up, it can cause your hair to dry out or break. Use soft hair ties without any metal and use a leave-in hair conditioner with SPF or hair oil to coat your tresses to protect them from the elements.

4. Keep It Simple

If you want to wear makeup, keep things simple. You can still look very polished and put together with minimal makeup. Try using waterproof mascara, cream blush, tinted moisturizer and eye liner. The key is to use fewer products while still accentuating your features and you can certainly achieve that with just a few products!

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5. Deep Condition

In addition to using mild shampoo and conditioner, donโ€™t forget to deep condition! If your hair gets soaked in sweat or your ends soak up sweat and grease from your sweaty body, it can get damaged. Rinse your hair after a workout or use dry shampoo and deep condition at least weekly to keep hair healthy and soft. If you can, put your hair up and out of the way so itโ€™s not touching your body at all!

6. Drink Water

It might seem silly to mention this beauty tip, but drinking water is serious business! Some people donโ€™t like to sip water while they work out and I understand. But, be sure you properly hydrate yourself before and after so you donโ€™t get dehydrated. Being dehydrated means your skin can sag or get dry and wrinkly due to decreased blood flow.

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7. Skip Perfume

If youโ€™re athletic, save your expensive perfumes for special occasions and hanging out with friends. Wearing a heavy perfume while you engage in a sweat session wonโ€™t smell sweet and others might think youโ€™re trying to cover up the smell of sweat with perfume. Use deodorant and leave it at that, youโ€™ll smell fresh and clean after you shower anyway!

8. Style Hair Accordingly

I understand the desire to want to look cute while you maintain your active lifestyle, but there are some hairstyles that just arenโ€™t very sensible for active women. Thereโ€™s always the sporty-chic ponytail but you can always wear a cute, messy bun, a braid, headband, or try wearing a side braid and sweeping it up in to a ponytail! If you have long hair and itโ€™s starting to be a nuisance, consider a short or shorter haircut to speed up styling time.

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9. After Care

Another beauty tip for active women is to cleanse your face after workouts as well as before. Even if youโ€™re not wearing any makeup, youโ€™ve been sweating and you donโ€™t want to just let the sweat sit on your skin after youโ€™re done exercising. Leftover sweat can dry out skin or cause blemishes from the salt. Take a shower and wash your face after your workout and donโ€™t forget to moisturize!

10. Hands off

Another important tip to remember while youโ€™re exercising or playing sports is to keep your hands off your face! Touching your face with unclean hands is a big no-no and if youโ€™re using equipment, they could have bacteria on them which you could introduce to your skin. Use a hands-off approach and make sure you have a towel handy to create a barrier between you and your skin when youโ€™re using machines!

If youโ€™re an active woman, you might find that maintaining your beauty routine can be a little challenging but itโ€™s still possible! Being active means youโ€™re increasing the blood flow to your skin, which is great for a clear, smooth complexion and your skin will be tight and toned! I hope these beauty tips can help make primping a little bit easier for you! Do you have any beauty tips for active lifestyles?

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